Renew System Is Setting A New Standard For Effectiveness & Versatility In Waterproofing Technonogy

RENEW SYSTEM will contribute to environmental preservation, including, the creating of the optimum housing environment, preserving subterranean water, preparing roof gardens, etc., and will endeavor at improving national life as well.

Online PR News – 20-April-2012 – Boston, MA – Renew System's Eco-friendly product, turbo-seal is a Waterproofing material of choice for worldwide architects and engineers to ensure leak free structures. It is a cold applied, single component, highly elastomeric polymer rubber infused with special adhesives, suitable for all types of structural waterproofing and injection grouting.

As an injection grouting, Turbo-Seal is specially formulated to restore damaged existing waterproofing membranes. Also, it does not completely cure and remains in a gel type state which therefore is highly responsive to constant structural movements. With these uniqueness and special assets, Turbo-Seal had been selected to solve the water-leakage problem on the “Big Dig”, Boston, MA.

The Boston Big Dig Project (officially known as the Central Artery/Tunnel project) is one of the most ambitious and expensive United States infrastructure projects ever undertaken. It rerouted the Central Artery, the 7.8 miles of main highway through the heart of Boston, into a 3.5 mile tunnel which gave rise to a successful mitigation of the crippling traffic as well as the improvements on the quality of life in Boston. However, shortly after the project was done, leaks were found on numerous sites causing a serious public discontent.

Various methods including the use of polyurethane and acrylic based resin gouts were attempted to stop the leaks, yet none had succeeded due to their lack of ability against the adverse soil conditions, constant structural movements and wet/dry cycles.

Turbo-Seal, the first non-urethanes/acrylic based resin grout applied on the sites where water intrusion continued to persist even after repair grouting works, was the only effective material blocking the active water leaks in the Central Artery.

A follow up inspection two months after application reassured that Turbo-Seal has accomplished the complete stoppage of water infiltration at the each applied sites.

Conclusively, Re-new system and its product Turbo-Seal had successfully contributed to the revival of Central Artery aiding it to last for generations to come for the people of Boston.

RENEW SYSTEM developed Turbo Seal and POLY-AS (waterproofing materials), using new material that automatically treats damaged parts, through industry-university cooperation with Seoul National University of Technology. In addition, it was appointed as the 376th New Technology by Ministry of Construction in 2003 and Transportation and the 560th New Technology by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs in 2008. Moreover, with its R&D and factory located in Yeoju, Renew System is striving to develop new waterproofing material such as Turbo-Sheet GTR, which is the roll type waterproofing sheet.

Ki hoon Lee
Assistant manager
5-516 DMC high-tech industry center,
330 seongnam-ro,Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

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