Eleventy Announces Giveaway To Help Nonprofit Organizations Do More “4Good”

Unique Facebook giveaway encourages individuals to vote for their favorite nonprofit organizations to give them a chance to win eleventy's innovative online fundraising system.

Online PR News – 23-April-2012 – Akron, Ohio – Data-driven marketing company, eleventy marketing group, launches a giveaway to benefit nonprofit organizations. The giveaway kicks off and begins accepting nominees on Tuesday, April 17.

eleventy’s “4Good” Facebook giveaway aims to use the power of social media to help one lucky nonprofit organization do more for good. Supporters are invited to visit eleventy’s Facebook page (facebook.com/eleventygroup) and nominate their favorite nonprofit organization to win eleventy’s ONCORE online fundraising platform. Once nominations are complete, individuals can vote for the organization they want to win and the top vote-getter will take home the prize.

“With this giveaway, you have the power to decide if your favorite nonprofit organization wins our ONCORE online fundraising platform,” said eleventy president Ken Dawson. “You can nominate and vote for the nonprofit that’s near and dear to your heart, and help them build a larger community of volunteers and donors.”

eleventy’s ONCORE online software is valued at $10,000. But the total value of the “4Good” giveaway prize has the potential to be far greater for the winning organization.

“When used effectively, ONCORE can boost online fundraising revenue for nonprofit organizations by hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Dawson said. “So you’re not just winning the tool itself, you’re winning a significant increase in fundraising dollars. The sky is really the limit to how much ONCORE can enhance your online giving.”

ONCORE is a unique online fundraising platform that enables donors and supporters to make connections on behalf of a nonprofit organization. With this innovative tool, supporters can create personalized web pages with messages, images and videos, and reach out to friends and family members asking them to support the organization or an important cause.

“ONCORE helps nonprofit organizations reach new audiences, and recruit more donors and volunteers,” Dawson said. “Best of all, it enables supporters to easily share information about the organization with their friends – who can then create their own personalized pages to share. With ONCORE, one voice can quickly become many.”

Individuals who wish to nominate a nonprofit organization for a chance to win ONCORE in the “4Good” giveaway can visit eleventy’s Facebook page (facebook.com/eleventygroup). The winning nonprofit organization will be announced on Wednesday, May 30.

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