Are Gay Men Bad Drivers? New Report On Sexual Orientation And Car Insurance Rates Released

A new report released by US auto insurance quote provider looks at the connection between sexual orientation and auto insurance rates and shows that gay men pay higher premiums than straight men do.

Online PR News – 19-April-2012 – New York, NY – Online auto insurance quote provider released a new report on Friday looking at the connection between male sexual orientation and driving ability. The report, which looks at spatial awareness, navigation skills, and accident statistics, shows that homosexual males possibly are worse drivers than their heterosexual male counterparts and because of this, in addition to other factors, pay more for auto insurance.

Gay male drivers bear the brunt of the burden of paying male auto insurance rates even though that while on the road they tend to think more like females

In the report,, while citing a study by Dr Qazi Rahman at the Queen Mary University of London, points out that when it comes to spacial awareness and navigation skills, gay men tend to think like females. This, they say, means that gay men are more likely to become lost and are more likely to be in a state of confusion while they are on the road. says that lack of spacial awareness makes this group “more likely to cause minor accidents because they experience difficulty visualizing the space around themselves.”

The report goes on to show that gay men pay more for car insurance than straight men do. In a survey on New York City residents, found that gay men pay more then $400 more annually than straight men do.

“Gay male drivers bear the brunt of the burden of paying male auto insurance rates even though that while on the road, they tend to think more like females,” CEO James Shaffer says, “yes, they certainly cause a lot of accidents, just like any other group out there, but the amount the pay for car insurance is quite unfair.”

Although insurance companies are not allowed to use an individual's sexual orientation in determining insurance premiums, says that gay men score poorly on factors that insurance companies do look at. These include, but are not limited to, accident rates, traffic violation statistics, and even marital status. is a Manhattan, NY based online auto insurance quote provider. In business since fall of 2008, they offer free insurance quotes online to United States users.

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