Vincent Associates® Receives Second US Patent for UNIBLITZ® CS Shutter Series/EARP/R3 Damping System

Vincent Associates receives 2nd US patent for their CS series damping system

Online PR News – 19-February-2010 – – Rochester, NY February 18, 2010 – Vincent Associates® has received a second US Patent for the CS series damping system, patent number, 7,614,806. The original patent, 6,652,165 was received back in November of 2003. These CS devices and the upgrades, EARP and R3, incorporating this damping system are largely responsible for the significant improvement in reliability over other designs of this type.

The new damping system utilizes materials that, when used together, maximize damping capability without adhesion. The geometric shape and contact of the damps also aid in minimizing adhesion and wear. Positioning of the damping system prevents the shutter’s blades from traveling beyond their maximum end position and from striking an adjacent structure.

According to Kevin Farrell, President of Vincent Associates, “The UNIBLITZ® shutter line has proven to be a beneficial enhancement in many microscopy and video imaging applications. Due to the growing demand for shutters capable of addressing the needs in these application areas, Vincent Associates is always upgrading its mounting system designs to allow interfacing with new microscopes, video systems and many other demanding applications areas required for shutter devices of this type.”

One method of damping used in other types of rotary multi-bladed shutter designs is the use of a separate spring to aid in damping of the blade drive mechanism. This “spring” elongates as the shutter moves to the open position, effectively slowing the blades down so their impact force at the maximum travel is reduced. Often the inertia of the blades’ drive system is great enough to cause this spring’s force to be exceeded, allowing the shutter blades to move beyond their end position, striking an adjacent structure. Vincent Associates’ damping system arrests the blades’ drive ring inertia. This allows the blade to travel at full velocity toward opening and closing, to be damped under a controlled method and to arrest the movement without damage to the shutter’s mechanism.

For more than 40 years, Vincent Associates® has been supplying the UNIBLITZ® electro-programmable shutter systems worldwide, addressing numerous demanding applications.

Vincent Associates® is the manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® electronic shutters and shutter systems based in Rochester, NY, with distribution centers worldwide. Vincent Associates® provides shutter solutions to a wide variety of consumers after rigorous testing to ensure application with confidence. Visit their site at: or call (585) 385-5930 to learn more about products offered by UNIBLITZ® and how they may help.