Innovation Global Network Launches Social-Media-Based Business Network

Business offers place for innovation leaders, professionals, experts, technology and service providers world-wide to actively share, engage and partner to accelerate innovation and growth.

Online PR News – 18-April-2012 – Mt Freedom, NJ – Innovation Global Network recently launched its social-media-based business network which enables professionals, consultants, agencies, market research and technology providers, innovation leaders and other experts to engage each other through networking and the exchange of perspectives on innovation management and growth best practices.

"Leaders, professionals and innovators know that many of the best practices and technologies for driving innovation and growth are outside of their organizations," said Arthur Fox, Founder and Chief Innovation Leader of the Innovation Global Network. "The Network offers a place to find what they need to know and the innovation provider and support experts that can help them with little time investment."

The Network offers a place to find what they need to know and the innovation provider and support experts that can help them with little time investment.

Innovation Global Network is also designed to enable consultants and agencies to create social media campaigns within minutes. Using original or previously created content, insights, creativity, marketing, leadership, design and technology experts can engage and stay engaged with all their past, current contacts and high potential new contacts regarding their best practices and services that help drive innovation and growth.

Innovation Global Network offers the following Memberships:
• A free individual Basic Membership for professionals.

• A special Innovation Leaders Premium Network Membership that provides an instant direct contact network of leaders, experts and peers and exclusive Communities and Content focused on innovation and new business development leadership topics, free for 90 days.

• An Innovation Provider Membership which enables consultants, agencies, technology, research and service providers to be identified as companies/organizations that can help drive innovation and growth. It also enables them to advertise their services and offerings as well as register Members to their webinars and workshops and create branded Communities, also free for 90 days.

Innovation Provider members include Addison Whitney; Brandfare, LLC; Ethnographic Research, Inc.; HMD Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC; Mary Beth Finnegan; NewAge SMB; Susan Wendling; People Path, LLC; Thinkshop, Inc.; University of New Haven Center for Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Waterside Media.

About Innovation Global Network: Innovation Global Network ( provides a social-media based business network to help corporate professionals, innovation leaders, agencies, consultants, leadership trainers and other experts and service providers engage past, current and new contacts to learn best practices regarding the development of new insights, ideas, products and new business opportunities, innovation management, technology, marketing strategy and commercialization.

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