Pan Wealth Resources Co. Set To Sign First Stage Funding Deal.

Pan Wealth Resources Co. look set to sign the first stage of a funding deal with an undisclosed company developing disruptive technology.

Online PR News – 19-April-2012 – Central Shenzhen,China – “Pan Wealth Resources, CO.” (PWRCO) are a private equity firm who have the purpose of aiding management teams within developing companies realize their goals of becoming outstanding long term leaders within their respective markets as they develop.
“Pan Wealth Resources, CO. (PWRCO) is currently managing a large and varied portfolio of investment funding. Together with our partners, we invest heavily throughout all stages of a company’s research and development.
“Because our approach combines strategic advice with access to large amounts of flexible funding from our various sources, at stages when they most need investment capital, we can offer to provide investment capital to qualifying companies at their early growth stages.” said a source at Pan Wealth Resources CO.
“Our Investors profit by owning equity in a company that, as they develop, they grow in value. Correspondingly our clients make the most money (ROI) if they invest at these early growth stages. These companies usually have developed (or are in the process of developing) some new disruptive technology or business model.” continued the source at Pan Wealth Resources CO.
A disruptive technology is a technology or service that disrupts or changes the normal way we do something; or adopts a different method than we have previously known in the production and use in our daily lives.
“We source companies that, as a result of the concepts they develop (or products they can provide) make a profit when they reach an Initial Public Offering. As a result our clients benefit and as a company we have, over the last 7 years, gained a wealth of experience working with such management teams. Through various forms of partnership, we increase the value of our portfolio of companies involved with Pan Wealth Resources CO.” concluded the source at Pan Wealth Resources CO.