Teething Jewelry Inventor Dr. Bloom Launches New Dental Health Blog

An amusing, down-to-earth take on teeth is now available at Teething Jewelry Inventor Dr. Bloom’s new dental health blog.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Are you spending sleepless nights with a fussy, teething baby? Dentist and mom Dr. Bloom offers relief for both your little one and you – offer your child a teething-safe Chewable Jewel and dive into a fun and informative new blog that’s all about dental care. This amusing, down-to-earth take on teeth is a breath of fresh air – plus it offers important information on what is and is not safe during teething, and much more.

Mother of three and the creative genius behind fashion-forward Teething jewelry Chewable Jewels, Dr. Helen Bloom Smith recognizes the growing need for information, reassurance and help for parents who may have questions or concerns about their kids’ (or their own) teeth. To meet this need, she has released a new Dental health blog on her web site, ChewableJewels.com, which will be updated several times a week.

Dr. Bloom’s sister Joy says, “I have three kids, and I call my sister all the time with questions. I ‘m glad that her dental expertise will be available to all parents, not just me.”

Recent topics covered in the blog include child-friendly snacks that are good for kids’ teeth and bodies, tooth brushing techniques, cavity prevention and helpful tips to get through the teething stages. Dr. Bloom also takes time to address some of the questions on the American Dental Association web site, relating her personal experience to illustrate many important dental issues.

Readers are encouraged to participate by writing in with questions and comments regarding parenting and dentistry to be addressed in future blog entries. While the blog will keep a dental focus, Dr. Bloom plans on inviting guest bloggers and experts to discuss other important parenting and health related issues in the future.

Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels is jewelry for mommies that can be safely chomped on by babies. These attractive accessories are made of FDA approved materials, and are just the right firmness and shape for teething. Featured in several popular publications and blogs, including Pregnancy Magazine, Chewable Jewels are worn by fashionista moms everywhere, including model and actress Milla Jovovich.

Director Steven Spielberg recognized Dr. Bloom’s writing ability with an award while she was in college at the United States Naval Academy. She now draws much of her inspiration for her blogs from her own two children who are under 15 months old and teething. She is pleased to share her humor and expertise to fellow sleep-deprived parents of fussy children to help them through this often trying time.

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