GRASONVILLE, MD, Oct. 30 - Atlantic Broadband this week becomes the first mid-Shore service provider to offer consumers the ultimate telecommunications package - a "triple play" of fully integrated broadband video, Internet and phone - with the Wednesday (Nov. 1) launch of Atlantic Broadband Phone Service.

"We believe this fundamentally changes the competitive landscape in Queen Anne's, Kent and Talbot counties," said Vice President and General Manager Joe DiJulio. "Atlantic Broadband Phone Service offers consumers much more for much less, and it uses the power and flexibility of our broadband network to create an attractively priced all-in-one communications solution that none of our competitors - either phone or satellite companies - can match."

Last year, Atlantic Broadband brought high-speed Internet service to the consumer technology-starved Eastern Shore. This year, building upon its $21 million investment in new network technology and other capital improvements, it is adding the region's most advanced phone service. The company took over the system from Charter Communications in 2004.

With the Atlantic Broadband Triple Play, consumers get the simplicity of one provider for all their communications services - video, Internet and phone - the convenience of paying for them on one bill, and a significant discount for combining services.

The new Atlantic Broadband Phone Service offers unlimited local, regional and continental U.S. long distance calling, no-extra-charge voice mail and 15 other calling features - all at an average savings of $15 to $30 per month over less full-featured calling plans offered by Verizon.

While the phone service is not Internet-based or dependent on a computer - and works with consumers' existing phones, jacks and wiring - it does offer a high-tech innovation the competition doesn't: an online phone manager that allows customers to monitor and control their phone service from any Internet-connected computer - at home or away. They can listen to, save and manage their voice mail, and review all calls over the last 45 days (in case they forget a phone number or want to keep tabs on the family's calls). Plus, they can instantly change call forwarding settings while on the go and automatically set other features, such as the innovative Do Not Disturb feature to block all calls when busy, eating dinner or in bed for the night.

Also featured is an International Value Plan with the lowest per minute rates to popular countries of any major telecommunications provider.

In addition to voice mail, the 15 no-extra-charge calling features (a $20 value compared to Verizon charges) include call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, speed dialing, 3-way calls and automatic call-back (*69). Consumers also can get a full-featured second residential phone line for just an extra $14.95 per month.

Atlantic Broadband Phone Service offers all the standard convenience and safety features that customers expect. The service works with customers' existing phones, jacks and wiring; and they also can keep their current phone number. Customers get nationwide 411 service, 24-hour operator assistance, a listing in the local phone directory, and enhanced 911 emergency calling that reaches and displays their location to the same public safety dispatchers in the same manner as their current phone provider.

If they have multiple Atlantic Broadband services, customers can make phone calls, watch TV and surf the Web at the same time - at full speed and quality - because the services operate independently of each other.

Atlantic Broadband Phone Service is offered at $34.95 per month when combined with any level of either video or one of the best Internet service. For those who do not have or want video or Internet service from Atlantic Broadband, the stand-alone price of phone service is $49.95 per month - still less than competitors' comparable services.

In addition to those savings, the company is offering even deeper promotional discounts for both new and existing customers who order multiple services together:

• New customers who choose the "Triple Play" promotion will get the unlimited-calling Atlantic Broadband Phone Service; Value video service, offering 62 channels of the most popular cable networks; and Preferred High Speed Internet Service up to 3 megabits per second - all for $99.95 per month for the first year ($20.90 off the retail price) and $109.95 for the second year ($10.90 off retail). That's a total savings of $381.60 over two years for the three services.

• Existing Atlantic Broadband video subscribers who choose to add both the High Speed Internet and the unlimited-calling phone service can opt for the Internet & Phone bundle for just $49.95 per month for the first 12 months. That's a monthly savings of $19.95 - or $239.40 annually - off the retail price for the two services.

Atlantic Broadband is a privately held company ranked as a top 20 cable operator in the United States. Atlantic Broadband, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, has over 500 employees and 250,000 customers located in three operating regions: central Pennsylvania, Miami Beach and Maryland/Delaware. Additional information is available at

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