Mosambe all set to launch their social recruiting platform. Aims to re-invent how job-boards work

Mosambe unveils their social recruitment platform to a larger audience. Open to public beta now

Online PR News – 19-February-2010 – – Hyderabad, India - 18th February 2010 – In recent days social networking sites are rapidly gaining popularity as potential recruitment platforms. More and more companies search for talented professionals on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Employers routinely mine for more information about potential candidates on the web and on other social networks. Job boards are lagging behind, they don’t really aid in the hiring process and to a large extent represent an old and hackneyed way of simply facilitating job posts and charging for resume access.

Mosambe, an upcoming Indian start-up is now set to launch itself as a Social Recruiting platform after being in private beta for 6 months. It essentially helps professionals and companies to get in-depth information about each other and helps them make informed career and hiring decisions. In a nutshell, Mosambe is pretty similar to LinkedIn in terms of being a platform for professionals to network; however, it is more focused towards jobs. While LinkedIn allows anyone to post jobs, Mosambe tries to assist employers and job seekers in their hiring process.

The core idea of Mosambe came to us while we were recruiting candidates for our upcoming software development firm, Kaasu Info Ventures – says Kavan Ravi, CEO and Co-Founder of Mosambe. Screening and short-listing potential candidates was an expensive albeit tedious task to accomplish. Thanks to the innumerable me-too job boards, each resume was just the same as any other- expensive to access, lacking in information and with no way to further explore the candidate profile. Having come to a dead end, we came-up with the idea of creating a forum for individuals and organizations that allowed for a free and open exchange of information. The idea was to bring people into focus and make it easy for organizations to make sensible hiring decisions.

We started thinking what might job boards look like if they were re-modeled today, says Akram Quraishi, Chief Engineer & Co-founder. Upon further analyzing the requirements of job seekers and employers we found great scope for not only enhancing but also re-doing job-boards as we know them today. The key role that a resume plays had to be readdressed and that formed the basis for a media rich online profile that not only gives more context and information but also helps you showcase yourself better to potential employers.

Dipankar Sarkar, CTO & Co-Founder believes that job search today is different from the commonly held belief that it is about searching vacancies on job boards and then applying to them. With the advent of social web, finding jobs is also a function of networking and reaching out to the right people. It is also about getting the right referrals and being accessible to the right opportunities. “Even if you are happy with your current job, building a network with talented professionals in your industry always helps you stay in sync with new opportunities,” he quotes.
Social recruiting is a shift away from traditional job boards that suffer from paucity of relevant information and context. Mosambe is one step in a new direction of building an open community that facilitates easy exchange of information between professionals and organizations. Hopefully with time we will take many more steps along the way to bridge the information gap.

If you are interested in being a part of the Mosambe network you can sign-up and start here:

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