Great Social Media Marketing Strategies Use Discreet Market Research

Studies show the most prosperous Social Media Marketing Strategies engaged in highly rewarding pre-launch Internet Market Research to clear their path to success.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Independent studies by SEO Internet Social Media Marketing firm Irbtrax reveals that the most successful Social Media Marketing strategies engaged in subtle Internet Market Research tests. Subtle in the sense that their target audience and competition were not even aware of what was taking place. Leading to valuable feedback that allowed them to optimize their Social Media Marketing Strategy prior to fully launching a campaign.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"I've witnessed misperceptions that successful Social Media Marketing campaigns are drawn up in boardrooms and then simply launched. While the first part is true it's disingenuous to overlook the importance of focused Internet Market Research. Especially as an effective campaign optimization and cost savings tool."

The Irbtrax founder points out that "effective Internet market research involves the ability to look at the same data and get a uniquely different but highly revealing result". A result that should help answer the following essential questions:

- Who exactly is our target audience and how can they be cost effectively reached
- How can we use this data to develop a plan B in case our campaign hits a ceiling
- Does this data and feedback reveal any potential weaknesses in our ideas
- What are the best Social Media platforms to help accomplish our goals
- Can we leverage any of the existing platforms we currently utilize
- What is our Digital DNA and how might this effect our goals

Additionally, effective Internet Market Research can help identify existing opportunities and future trends. Both of which are important ingredients for building longer term success and maximizing the campaigns results. When one considers the time, effort, and creativity spent designing a Social Media Marketing campaign. There’s little doubt that cost effective Internet Market Research will not only make an important difference in its success, but also reduce the amount of resources required.

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