UK based eReader brand JWF eReaders plans to storm the Tablet PC market by releasing their sub-£100 tablet-come-eReader. It will combine great eReading with apps, internet browsing and more, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Online PR News – 20-April-2012 – London, UK – JWF eReaders' first product was the eReader-4000, which boasts a range of features, for under £60. Next was the eReaderPRO, which is solely a reader, using e-ink technology and incredible battery life. It also has image, audio, application and game functions – adding versatility to the eReader. Now, they are completing their début range with the JWF eReaderELITE – which is essentially a Tablet PC with eReader functions present.

The eReaderELITE will boast a 7 inch capacitive touch screen; giving users the most intimate and personal reading experience yet – whilst also making browsing the web, gaming, email and so on incredibly simple. The internals of the device have not yet been officially announced, although it is said to have a powerful CPU to handle multi-tasking, gaming and a seamless reading experience.

JWF eReaders initially decided to delve into the Tablet PC market so that users will be able to connect and share more whilst reading. For example, users may finish reading their ebook, and decide to connect to social networking sites via Wi-Fi connectivity to share their thoughts and views of that book – or research more work by that author.

Obtaining ebooks on the JWF eReaderELITE is simple. Either transfer your ebooks via USB or Micro SD card to a eReader App on the device, or browse ebooks on the many ebook stores available on the device's Android Market. JWF eReaders future association with Ink-Slinger ebook distributors will make the former process much easier – simply download and transfer your ebook across from your PC via USB or Micro SD card (www.ink-slinger.com/jwf).

No release date has been announced as of yet – but speculation of the release being towards the end of May/ start of June has been surfacing. The main aspect of the device that will appeal most to consumers is the price – which is set to be well under £100.

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