Data Protection Specialist Safeberg Launched Advance Function for Data Backup

Security of online backup makes most people wary of storing crucial, sensitive and private data online. Safeberg equates ultimate security to reliable protection of privacy.

Online PR News – 20-April-2012 – Amsterdam – Amsterdam (Press Release) April 17, 2012: Safeberg is an online data protection backup company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are a lot of data protection companies around. What makes Safeberg special is the storage capacity of its data backup online. The lifetime free trial version provides up to 5 GB storage, and the paid version up to 800 GB.
“There is no need to scour the internet anymore for all your remote online backup needs. Safeberg has a wide variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets” assures Mr. David Deurloo, one of the engineers responsible for developing this advanced encrypted backup technology.

Consider the case of a patient falling seriously ill when his doctor is holidaying abroad. Access to his medical records is essential to providing the right treatment. This is where data backup services like Safeberg come in handy. The attending physician now has access to crucial information like the list of drugs the patient has adverse reactions to. Often, the patient is in no condition to impart such information to care givers and the family too distraught to think coherently. What would become of a patient with severe intolerance to certain drugs without online backup services?
While the medical field stands to benefit the most from internet backup services, huge multinational conglomerates have come to realise the value of online backup. But there is always the fear that the security of the data could be compromised? There have been reports of high school kids can hack their way into even top secret government files. How safe is the data backup from determined hackers employed by competing firms?
Data security is what Safeberg is all about. All data is saved in an encrypted form. “We are open to having your company’s security team investigate our technology before you invest in Safeberg online secure data backup”, invites Mr. Deurloo. “There is encrypting of even the file paths and names, so, it is safe from all hackers”, he adds.
Safeberg offers secure backup at affordable prices. Data security and protection is an obsession with the engineers at Safeberg. No hacker can hack through the various levels of security that has been set up.
About Safeberg: If you need to get in touch with one of the engineers at Safeberg regarding backup services for your company go to and fill out the form. You’ll be contacted as soon as possible.
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