BRAINWIZ begins its journey

Brainwiz - a new enterpreneurial venture started by two engineering students.

Online PR News – 21-April-2012 – New Delhi – Social Network – also known as the Facebook movie has been an inspiration for many people all over the world. Undoubtedly, Mark Zuckerberg has inspired students to think experiment and take up new challenges. One such growing entrepreneurial venture is Brainwiz – the brain child of two engineering students, Tarush Jain and Nihal Rustgi.

“We at Brainwiz, consider ourselves as the wizards of Brain. Our tagline – a thought on quizzing, a passion for debating, a love for MUN’s – a dedication towards extempore – is what defines us. We want to do our small bit in transforming the education industry by focusing more on practicality, rationality, logic and to bring about a complete and overall development of the students.” , says Tarush smiling at Nihal.

Vigorous, Dedicated, Enthusiastic and Competent is how I would describe the two young entrepreneurs. However, the lingering question is – how difficult it must be to manage work along with studies. “Managing our college grades and Brainwiz together, was indeed a herculean task. However, we had an added advantage.” Winks Nihal.

Tarush begins to explain; “NEN, played a huge role in transforming our interest into Entrepreneurship too. Attending their conferences gave us so much confidence and so many networking opportunities that it all seemed so easy and then as they say, the ball had started rolling and so did we. Not to forget the support we got from our families which actually gave us the right spirit and helped us take this so far. Being in college gives us an edge over those who are not or those who are in their final years of education, that we have more time to target the audience which we are here to cater to. Along with that, all our friends who are from the same batch or immediate seniors/juniors who are still in colleges, we can target thrice as many students as would have been possible otherwise.”

“Also to be completely honest, telling girls that we are Young Entrepreneurs earned us a few points over other Non-entrepreneur guys.” Added Nihal, making us all smile.
Of course no new work comes without any challenges and I am sure they must have also faced quite a many. “Hell yes! Starting anything new comes with lot of challenges and a starting a new venture is exactly like beginning a new life. You have a baby in hand and you take care of it. You make sure that you choose the BEST for it and nothing harms it. Then you are worried about its upbringing and then about the decisions you take for it so that it grows well. Starting Brainwiz came with some usual challenges that any startup has to face, be it managing the finances s or managing college attendance and marks with the entire work load. Challenges I believe are actually a good way to learn and to grow and that is what has helped us carve a niche for ourselves.” explained Tarush excitedly.

So what do they have in store for us in the future!? “Lots! We have lots of activities planned up. The future indeed looks very bright since we are gaining momentum on Facebook and making a name for us. With our associations with big colleges/schools, TERI, WAPCOS, AROH Foundation, we have struck the right note and we hope to take it forward from there. We have many projects and domains in mind that we wish to enter in which would require a lot of support, affection from others and a lot of hard work from us. And seeing the positive response so far, we believe that both the ends are willing to work on their part.” Explains Tarush.

“The most recent announcement is of our MUN-2012, which has already received a great response and backing that would be an amazing surprise for the entire MUN Circuit in India that we hope it will take MUNs to a new level altogether technologically. For us, this is just the beginning of our growth story and from where we see – Brainwiz has a long way to go and register many growth stories in the years to come.” smiles Nihal, signing off.