We Love Fur Opens New Blog

We Love Fur is proud to announce the launch of its newly updated blog associated with fur fashion and fashion blogging in general.

Online PR News – 21-April-2012 – Santa Clara, CA – We Love Fur is proud to announce the launch of its newly updated blog associated with Fur Fashion and fashion blogging in general. The blog is both fun and informative for those who are interested in fur fashion styles, ideas, and commentary. We Love Fur is open to the public.
We Love Fur is owned and operated by Italian fashion designer Samantha De Reviziis. The Fur Fashion Blog examines virtually all aspects that are associated with fur and fur fashion. While the main thrust is on fur fashion, the blog also contains many informative articles on various other fashion apparels such as skins, silks, cashmere, other exotic fabrics, as well as useful tips on colors, patterns, and styles. To say that it is eclectic would be an understatement.
According to owner Samantha De Reviziis, she has been in love with fur since childhood. Her interest in the material almost borders on obsession, in her own words, hence the unusual name of the blog site. She also claims to have built the first online fur fashion blog which is independently owned and operated. Those who visit the blog site will find it unusually interesting and visually stunning as much of the content is the form of either high-quality still photographs or video. The owner delves into her on personal likes and dislikes concerning fur fashion, and shares her inside knowledge of events that involve fur fashions, fur outfits that are being worn by international celebrities, editorials and news concerning fur fashion as well as the inside scoop on mainstreet fur styles and interviews with famous and up and coming fur designers.
As mentioned above, much of the blog content is visual in nature and includes access to several online videos. Those interested in fur fashion can learn more about how fur is processed, used, and designed in this modern age. The owner of this fur fashion blog is not without some renowned accolades herself. She has a diploma in fashion design from the European Design Institute in Turin, and has also attended a course in fur at Kopenaghen Fur. She is currently working as a freelance fur fashion designer when she is not involved with her fur fashion blogging. She also launched her own brand known as Lady Granny at the Pitti in Florence, Italy in January 2012.
Her fur fashion blogging experience allows her to express her feelings on some of the misconceptions that are so often associated with fur. We Love Fur takes a proactive stance on the use of fur in fashion and the owner makes no apologies for that stance. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry and its practices makes her a well rounded writer on virtually any subject concerning fashion or fur. Her fur fashion blog offers visitors links to many other sites that detail important news and information concerning modern processing techniques, humane treatment of animals and other information that will be of interest.
To learn more about fur fashion, visit We Love Fur. The site is open to the public and there is no need to register in order to browse its content.