Guided Imagery Favorite Named Best Meditation Tool of 2012

Best selling guided meditation The Healing Waterfall has garnered so many fans over the years it just picked up a fresh Reader’s Choice Award for 2012.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – Santa Fe, New Mexico – When aspiring musician Max Highstein cooked up a guided meditation 27 years ago, he had no idea where it would take him, or how many people would be effected. Back then, guided imagery was a fairly new concept, and published examples were few and far between. But Highstein, also a counseling student at the time, had an idea he thought people might find appealing: An inner journey to a beautiful waterfall, with lush music and gentle narration. Travel up a mountainside, wade into the pool below, relax and be healed -- if not in body, at least in mind.

He told me my program had sold out and I just about dropped the phone.

Cut to 2012, and Highstein’s The Healing Waterfall, now one of the most popular programs of its kind, just won’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Meditation Tool of 2012. It took persistence, and a bit of serendipity, to get there.

Back when, Highstein had already produced one program that was definitely NOT a hit. ‘12 Cosmic Healers’ was his obscure guided meditation about a strange idea -- correspond signs of the zodiac with parts of the body, and throw in some angels for good measure. Not surprisingly, buyers didn’t bite. But although his writing might have been off, the production was top notch. He hired actress Leigh Taylor-Young (Peyton Place) to narrate, created a custom music score, and used an expensive studio to record it all. When it came time for program #2, he followed the same method of operation, this time he hiring actress Jill Andre (Hill Street Blues).

“I thought this time I’d nailed the concept as well as the production, but sitting at home looking at boxes piled high with cassettes, I started wondering if I’d made a big mistake, twice,” Highstein said. Then he started fiddling around with some cardboard from one of the boxes, and soon had a little twelve-copy display. With nothing to loose but his pride, he took it to the corner bookstore (back then there were such things), and asked if he could leave it on consignment. A few days later, he got a call from the owner. “He told me my program had sold out, and I just about dropped the phone.” He immediately started wondering how many stores there were, and how he could get displays into all of them.

Back to 2012, Highstein has gone from cassettes to CDs, CDs to downloads, and has a website full of guided meditations, including The Healing Waterfall, which is now also the name of his business. When he heard about’s contest, he wondered if he had a chance at even getting nominated. But it turns out that over the years he’s made a lot of friends with his guided meditation -- he figures over 100,000 -- and enough of them were more than happy to vote for his program. It won by a landslide, only 27 years after it was first released.

About The Healing Waterfall
The Healing Waterfall website offers guided imagery and guided meditation programs of the highest quality. Incorporating great writing, professional narration, and custom music scores, the programs afford listeners rich, dynamic experiences designed for deep relaxation, healing, and personal growth. Company founder Max Highstein is an award winning music composer with multiple graduate degrees in psychology, and writes and produces almost all of the material himself. Visit The Healing Waterfall website to hear generous samples of all the programs, download a free guided meditation, and purchase guided imagery CDs and MP3 downloads.

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