SA Company Brand New Technologies uses signoSign/2 eSignatures to eliminate doubt with certainty

South African Identity Management specialists, Brand New Technologies has announced the release of ‘signoSign/2’, the successor to the market-leading signature software offered by German company signotec GmbH.

Online PR News – 23-April-2012 – 16 April 2012, Johannesburg – German company, signotec GmbH, supported by Brand New Technologies, has announced the release of ‘signoSign/2’, the successor to the market-leading signature software ‘signoSign’.
This application allows the authentic insertion of digital signatures into PDF documents. These signatures are then incorporated into further electronic workflows without media discontinuity. ‘signoSign/2’ can open and edit several documents at the same time. The application was completely redeveloped using the latest technology. ‘signoSign/2’ has a modern look and feel and is simple and intuitive to operate; it is easily integrated into existing systems and suitable for use in all sectors.
Input and output control using XML documents makes it easy to connect the application to existing systems, including SAP. For example, the system can be used in the insurance industry for application forms, in industrial settings for service reports, and in banks for signing deposit and withdrawal slips. The healthcare sector can use signotec’s ‘signoSign/2’ to create digital medical histories, and the program is perfect for processing payment transactions in retail. Its predecessor ‘signoSign’ has been successfully used by thousands of customers for several years now.
But be it hardware or software, security remains the focus.
With signotec’s range of signature pads and related software solutions, the PDF document created by your own application is displayed on the screen and the user signs the signotec signature pad, authentically inserting their digital signature into the document. Biometric information, such as writing speed and pressure, is safely recorded in the document while signing; these can later be verified by a handwriting expert, much like a handwritten signature. This solution has been endorsed by an international independent, court-certified handwriting expert. The signotec pads offer unique security mechanisms, such as encrypted data transmission or an RSA signature creation device. This makes manipulation or external interference with the biometric features impossible, ensuring that document content and the pad signature have an inseparable relation. After confirmation, the signed, Adobe-compatible PDF document is automatically archived electronically and can be accessed at any time.
Call Brand New Technologies on +27114503092 or email for more information on how signotec products can secure your document chain.