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Exabyzness.com is small business news dashboard - helping small businesses stay smart and cope with information overload.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – Boca Raton, FL – Exabyzness.com is small business news dashboard - helping small businesses stay smart and cope with information overload. Small businesses can stay smart and make informed and better decisions by subscribing to our daily small businesses news email (http://www.exabyzness.com/subscribe ) .

Benefits for small businesses:
1.Stay on top of small business related news
2.Monitor small business trends and intelligence
3.Learn about customer expectations

Exabyzness.com filters and aggregates the day’s top high value stories and news in the following categories

* Emerging Trends
* The Cutting Edge
* Driving Revenue
* Money, Markets & Planning
* Human Resources
* Leadership & Strategy
* Taxes, Laws & Regulations
* Other Resources
* Top News

We area a unique new small business news website that reviews and selects some of the day’s top small business content from hundreds of sources, and distributes it to small business owners through our website, via twitter streams, and by a free daily three-minute video summary that we create at our headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Knowledge is power in the information economy, but what a business owner needs must be mined from the enormous volume of content generated daily. We’ve moved from the ‘information’ age to the ‘way too much information age,’ and small business owners are having a hard time keeping up. Since 2003, data and information increased 5,200%; today we generate more than 3 exabytes per day.

Small businesses, professionals and individuals can subscribe to the daily news and it will be delivered to them daily. Exabyzness gives you all the daily high value stories/news to increase your workforce/company IQ and have a competitive advantage. Please visit www.exabyzness.com and check us out.

About Us:
Exabyzness, a new media start-up based in Boca Raton, Florida, is helping small business owners cope with ‘information overload’. A collaboration between social media expert, author and consultant, Scott Klososky, and Slavic 401k CEO John Slavic, Exabyzness.com is hosted by Chief Editor Lou Escalante, a former small business owner, writer/producer, and executive producer.

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