TherapyTribe makes search for therapists easier on website

TherapyTribe, the top online therapist directory, has announced the introduction of a new dropdown menu aimed at making search for specific specializations faster and easier.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – California – Carlsbad, CA, 16 April 2012: The leading online directory of practicing therapists, TherapyTribe, has announced the introduction of an easy dropdown menu on its homepage. This dropdown menu will feature and list specifics for users to choose from, making it much easier to find specifics like trauma therapy and marriage counselors.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ryan FitzGerald, the CEO for TherapyTribe says, “We are delighted to make this announcement. Our users will now find an easy dropdown menu right on the homepage which will feature a list of specifics to choose from. This new addition will greatly narrow down the search for specializations such as trauma therapy or career counseling, making the whole process of finding the therapists our users are looking for even faster. We keenly look forward to a positive response from our users.”

TherapyTribe is the top destination for people looking for therapists in America, and is slowly becoming popular abroad in multiple countries like Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It features therapists offering a diverse range of specializations from trauma therapy to child counseling.

Adds Mr. FitzGerald, “Our online directory is one of the largest in America, with listings of practicing therapists from all over the country. We are consistently looking for and researching on new ways to make the search process on our website faster, easier and more convenient, and we constantly keep adding new features and functions on it to keep ahead of the competition. Right now, we offer by far the best online therapist finder service existing anywhere in the country or the world.”

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