Miami Clinic Reveals Surprising Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

Hormone treatments offered at American Longevity Center in Miami can treat testosterone deficiencies caused by unhealthy behaviors

Online PR News – 13-April-2012 – Miami, FL – While in many cases low testosterone in men can be the result of natural causes, the expert doctors at American Longevity Center in Miami caution that a man’s lifestyle choices can often affect hormone levels as well. Overindulgence in certain harmful behaviors can cause low testosterone and possibly infertility, even in young men. Smoking and heavy drinking are chief among the behaviors that can lead to a premature drop in testosterone production.

Also on the list, according to physicians at American Longevity Center, is recreational drug use in the form of marijuana or cocaine. Chronic use or abuse can diminish a man’s ability to produce testosterone, resulting in andropause, the scientific name for low testosterone. Some prescription medications can also cause low testosterone, especially when used over long periods of time or in large doses. Included on the list are opiate painkillers, as well some common treatments for high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach acid, and IBS.

Other lifestyle choices that can result in lowered testosterone levels are poor eating habits and use of performance enhancing substances. Both malnutrition, caused by a poor diet, and obesity, caused by overeating, have also been linked with andropause in men of all ages. Meanwhile, the abuse of steroids and other regulated physical supplements can cause the endrocrine system to malfunction, resulting in damage to testosterone production. Further external causes of andropause for men to be wary of include chronic fatigue, stress, and high temperatures.

Andropause is a frequent source of many of the age related issues that affect men. The condition can lead to a decrease in energy, physical breakdown, irritability or depression, and a decline in libido and sexual performance. Though many lifestyle behaviors can lead to low testosterone, it can also be caused simply by the body’s natural reduction in testosterone production after turning 30. Whatever the individual cause, andropause is something that millions of men suffer from and is completely treatable.

Fortunately, the physicians at American Longevity Center can treat low testosterone. Through hormone replacement therapy, the body’s natural testosterone production is supplemented, and a healthy balance is restored. Men no longer need to live with the slowing down, diminished sexual experience, and overall lack of energy that accompany low testosterone levels. Effective and safe treatment is as easy calling American Longevity Center.

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