Keynote WebEffective-Now Supports User Experience Testing on the iPad Tablet and Android Smartphone

Researchers finally able to focus on user experience across "three screens" -- desktop, mobile and tablet with one platform as WebEffective launches support for iPad and Android, complementing Keynote's existing iPhone study

Online PR News – 23-April-2012 – SAN MATEO, Calif – SAN MATEO, Calif., Apr 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Keynote(R) Systems (NASDAQ:KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring, today announced that WebEffective(R), Keynote's SaaS-based customer experience management platform for conducting large scale task-based user experience research, now offers iPad and Android smartphone support, to complement existing support for the iPhone. WebEffective combines market research, usability labs and Web analytics providing usable data from virtually any website and supports large user samples to provide reliable information on their attitudes and behavior. It is the leading user experience research tool for any online business or market research company, providing valuable insight about customers' online behavior and attitudes to build a more effective Web presence.

The WebEffective iPad platform is now engineered to provide a task-based study experience that is intuitive and familiar to an iPad user. Users are free to scroll and rotate, and interact just like any other tablet application without losing the familiar Keynote task bar reminding them of the current task they are attempting to complete. Prior to this innovation, study respondents were asked to switch between browser screens, leading to unacceptable levels of study abandonment.

"One of the biggest advantages of using Keynote is that it has a robust back-end, strongly engineered and efficient," says John Michael Flowers from eBay's research team. "Testing of multiple variants (A/B testing) provides different experiences for different groups. Side by side comparisons are easy with Keynote."

"We found quite a few of our customers had tested and optimized their websites for desktop and smartphone users, but then realized they had a blind spot when it came to the iPad," says Vik Chaudhary, VP of product management and corporate development at Keynote Systems. "As the need for awareness on 'three screens' (desktop, mobile, tablet) has grown, so has interest in closing that gap, performing usability studies on the market-share leading iPad. While optimizing for the iPad, we've also taken this opportunity to ensure the very best experience on Android phones as well. Providing specific support for the Safari browser on the iPad helps lead to more completed studies."

The Pew Research Center recently reported that 19 percent of U.S. adults own a tablet computer and that between 65 percent and 75 percent of those tablets are iPads. With the rapid consumer adoption of tablets, it is critical for online businesses to strengthen their tablet strategies and improve the usability of their websites on the mobile devices. Internet Retailer's March survey showed that 63.3 percent of merchants are already considering redesigning their websites to render better on the iPad and other tablet devices. Usability, speed and reliability are key pain points for mobile consumers.

Now in its eighth generation, WebEffective is the world's leading platform for running online, remote, and un-moderated user research in up to twenty eight languages. Whether run as a turn-key engagement or licensed for unlimited in-house use by usability teams, WebEffective allows leading brands to cost effectively test prototypes, screenshots, wireframes or live sites via mobile, Web and now tablets.

Key uses for WebEffective include:

Competitive Research - Benchmark/analysis of competitors' websites using core customer experience metrics.
Customer Acquisition - Online customer journey research tracks and analyzes how customers find you.
Website assessment - Measure the effectiveness of your Website against a core set of success factors.
Prototype (A/B) Testing - Ensure new website designs are clear, easy to use and meet users' expectations.

Source: Keynote Systems