JCU's Guarini Institute Presents

John Cabot, an American liberal arts University in Rome, Italy celebrates 40 years in providing an educational experience firmly rooted in the American tradition of the liberal arts to degree seeking and study abroad students from over 50 countries. (www.johncabot.edu)

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – Rome – On April 16th, John Cabot University’s Guarini Institute for Public Affairs is proud to welcome Hon. Ignazio Roberto Marino, Italian Senator and a world-class trained surgeon, for what promises to be a unique opportunity to discuss Italian politics.

Why is there so much corruption 20 years after the Tangentopoli scandal? Is the Partito Democratico a communist party in disguise? Is Berlusconi gone for good? Will the Mario Monti government modify Italian politics? But above all, is it possible to talk Italian politics in a jargon-free, down-to-earth, plain manner? And do any Italian politicians combine a vast American experience with a thorough understanding of all Italian subtleties?

This Q&A is aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding of the key issues and challenges facing the world today, in particular those affecting the United States and Europe.

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