New YA Novel Tackles Steroid Abuse, Bullying

Author Jason Warne paints a realistic portrait of a teen's struggles with self-image

Online PR News – 13-April-2012 – Tyler, TX – TYLER, Texas – In his new book Fix by Force (published by WestBow Press), debut author Jason Warne introduces readers to a young man who must decide if the risks he takes in attempt to fix his life are worth the possible consequences.

Faced with persistent bullies, a turbulent relationship with his family, and a fading self-image, Spencer finally decides that he doesn’t want to be seen as a loser any longer. He vows to make a change – ignoring the dangers of his choices.

But Spencer – a child of a generation fixated on immediate gratification – is willing to do anything necessary to get immediate results. Now he is faced with the tough choice of risking his health and relationships for the assurance of an artificial and temporary solution. Fix by Force tells the story of Spencer’s self-image, the choices he makes and the hope he has for the future.

Fix by Force doesn’t come without an important message. “Steroid use/abuse has been a timely topic for many years,” explains Warne, “and will continue to be, as more young people make the dangerous choice to turn to these chemicals, not only for athletic purposes, but for self-image reasons.”

He goes to explain how his book addresses one of the most pertinent and important issues facing teens today, saying, “Bullying is one of the most relevant topics in our society today, as some unfortunate cases of bullying receive worldwide attention because of its impact, and Fix by Force explores a rather severe history of bullying among characters, and illustrates the damage that it can do to young people.”

About the Author

With his debut novel, Fix by Force, Jason Warne hopes to inspire and entertain readers. His fast-paced story about self-image, relationships, choices and hope aims to speak most loudly to readers who are seeking authentic and relatable characters. Warne lives in Tyler, Texas.