Fenske Art Releases New Book About Artist Gary Fenske And The History Of ‘Painting With Light’

The new book, "Gary Fenske, The Secret World of Invisible Art”, exposes a marriage between science and art. It reveals the history of fluorescing art through the eyes of the artist.

Online PR News – 13-April-2012 – Portland, OR – Portland, OR -- This new book release is a hidden gem. In it, artist Gary Fenske tells his life story and reveals how fluorescence influenced the world of fine art. He includes the luminous contributions from famous masters such as Fontana, Wimmer and Ludlum.

While ‘painting with light’ can be associated with the more familiar term ‘painter of light’, like Thomas Kinkade, it is, in fact, very different. To paint with light, pigments must glow. Fenske’s book takes luminous art back to its beginning and enlightens readers with his fascinating journey through the world of fluorescing art.

“When many hear the word fluorescent, they have flashbacks to the hippie days with psychedelic black light posters of Elvis and ZZ Top. That is not what my book is about. Luminous fine art has one hundred years of magnificent history that is virtually unknown. Someone needed to tell the story before it was completely forgotten. That is why I wrote the book,” says Fenske.

This is the definitive book about this great American artist and an intriguing look at Fenske’s achievements. He painstakingly selected over 140 images from what he considers to be his finest works, both the visible and invisible paintings. Also in the book, Fenske divulges his personal struggles as he tries to save the art form from extinction.

Amazingly ‘painting with light’ means just what it says. As the artist’s palette illuminates under a black light, his pigments obeys the rules of light. For example, everyone knows that mixing yellow and blue make green. But, the light spectrum shows that yellow and blue will make white. Watching Fenske paint, that is exactly what happens. “Forty years ago, everything I thought I knew about painting went out the window when I became a luminous artist. It is a marriage of science and art,” Fenske discloses.

He calls his art ‘invisible’ because that is what it is. When Fenske paints a luminous painting over a normal painting, the fluorescing paints are invisible until they are illuminated with a black light. There are two paintings on one canvas. This fascinating art form totally engulfs the senses. Thanks, in no small part, to Fenske’s years of determination and talent, the art form is still with us today.

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About Fenske Art:

Fenske Art is the official website for luminous artist Gary Fenske. The site has simulations of how the luminous paintings change from day into night.

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