iFaceLaugh iPhone Entertainment Game App Announces Price Drop

The most intriguing, cool and funny iPhone app, 'iFacelaugh', today announced a significant price reduction at the request of its user community seeking expansion. For a limited period, the app will be available for $1.99, slashing its older price of $4.99. iFaceLaugh is an entertaining, fun and addicting app. Users imbed laughs into photos to share and collect - and to play the hilarious on-line game called Laugh-a-Laugh included free in the app.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – The app is an entertainment masterpiece putting the power into the hands of the users to record laughs or other sounds inside of pictures that "sound off" when touched. Users can create, collect and exchange "facelaughs" with family and friends and then can touch the faces of their loved ones and hear their sweet laughs or words whenever they are lonely or in need of a lift. Users can play all facelaughs at once (like a huge crowd of their favorite people) or in any combination they choose just by touching thumbnails.

'Laugh-a-Laugh' allows you to test your laugh imitation skills with others in the room or on-line. Great party app appropriate for all ages! Really fun and vocally challenging! Watch how it makes everyone in the room laugh! When you're lonely, challenging someone to a round of Laugh-a-Laugh is a great way to send the gift of laughter over the phone to someone you love!

For musicians and sound effects lovers, iFaceLaugh can also be used to create unique synthesizers because users can control the actual sounds imbedded in the pictures and the order of the sounds to be played when the pictures are touched. Play the pictures on the iPhone like keys on a keyboard! Sounds can be blended because the pictures can be played repeatedly and on top of each other to create fascinating and bizarre sound effects.

iFacelaugh supports multiple e-mail sign-ups by merely changing log-ins on the iPhone settings tab, so facelaugh sets and synthesizer configurations can be saved for later use.

To share your life moments in real time, users can use iFacelaugh to record vocal impressions onto thumbnail photos and then them send to others. Great while on a vacation trip or remote hike in someplace beautiful!

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
iFaceLaugh 1.2 is only $1.99 for a limited time and available through Apple's iTunes.

Commenting on this announcement, Mr. John Blossom, developer of this app said, "iFaceLaugh has been a great niche success for us at the app store. We just wanted to celebrate that with a huge price drop to invite a much wider audience of iPhone and iPod Touch users to enjoy this funny, cool, entertaining app. It is one of the few apps around that can be enjoyed greatly by a group of people together in one room as well worldwide as over the iPhone network. We want every iPhone user to experience the intense joy of having all your friends' facelaughs in your pocket to cheer you up and to share with others!"