LiquidLEDs Opens Bulbs Information Centre

Lighting Company LiquidLEDs Opens Online Resource Centre on Light Bulbs

Online PR News – 14-April-2012 – NSW – Lighting Company LiquidLEDs Opens Online Resource Centre on Light Bulbs

In an effort to educate their consumers about the history and changes made over time in the lighting industry, LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp. in Australia has opened a new section on its website, that acts as an online encyclopaedia on anything and everything to do about light bulbs and other lighting devices.

LiquidLEDS has made sure to present its followers and visitors to the site with all the information they need about lighting in a single, easy-to-navigate page. This includes comprehensive information on the many types of light bulbs, the differences between these bulb types, the history of the light bulb itself, the importance of switching to efficient lighting and other relevant information in the world of lighting. There are entire sections dedicated to the basics of lighting, such as base types, wattage ratings, lumens, and colour rendering index (CRI). OF course, LiquidLEDs being an LED lighting specialist, also has close to a dozen pages dedicated to the fundamental facts about LEDs. At the end of the day, LiquidLEDs believes that their online information centre will help make it easy for consumers to the find the right replacement light bulb for their needs.

LiquidLEDs understands that purchasing new light bulbs through the Internet is far from an easy task. With the hundreds of websites offering a plethora of light bulbs and other lighting devices, the company knows that making a final decision when purchases are concerned can be difficult. This is precisely the reason that compelled the company to create an online resource that allows customers to make informed decisions on keeping their lighting up to date, how to save energy through lighting and how make the transition from traditional lighting to the latest devices.

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