NetHosting Curbs Instances of Credit Card Fraud with Aggressive New Security Measures

In conjunction with PCI and SAS70 requirements, NetHosting has implemented additional security protocols that have dramatically reduced occasions of credit card fraud in its online purchases.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Orem, UT NetHosting, a national provider of high performance hosting products, is frequently recognized by its commitment to PCI and SAS70 compliance, a growing standard in data security. The NetHosting data center, for example, is one of only a few PCI compliant data centers in the US and has maintained that status through ongoing audits and reviews. Part of these audits relate directly to the manner in which a service organization like NetHosting processes its credit card purchases. Since adopting these standardized protocols, NetHosting has seen a dramatic decrease in successful fraud attempts.

“Before we changed the way we accepted credit card payments online, we dealt with fraudulently purchased accounts on a weekly basis,” stated NetHosting Accountant, Kassi Johnson. “Since July of last year, we haven’t had a single fraud account successfully make it through our system.”

Ms. Johnson continued to explain that this system is basically a detailed verification process that crosschecks the client’s personal information.

“Bottom line—we do not charge a card until we know the purchase is valid,” asserted NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston. “This is to protect our clients and ourselves from being exploited by identity thieves and cybercriminals. We’re proud to grant our customers that peace of mind.”

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