Risk Management Software Provider, ClearRisk Inc. Launches New Website
17 February 2010
ClearRisk Inc. (www.ClearRisk.com) is pleased to announce the launch of the new ClearRisk.com. Bringing together new sites for the ClearRisk Manager, Tracker and Trainer products, ClearRisk.com provides improved navigation, new risk management resources, more accessible support and improved usability all around. “The response thus far has been phenomenal”, says ClearRisk CEO Craig Rowe. “We’re receiving a lot of great feedback on how intuitive and accessible the sites are and users think it’s great that our risk management resources are still offered for free”. ClearRisk Inc. is an online provider of risk management software and solutions assisting users in formalizing their risk management plan creation, structuring claims and risk handling and in learning how to make better business decisions using risk management. “There’s nothing mystical about risk management”, says Rowe. “It involves formalizing best practices that businesses already employ but don’t think of as risk management.” Learn more about ClearRisk Inc. and the ClearRisk suite of risk management products at www.ClearRisk.com.