Neil deGrasse Tyson on Poets Cafe for Poetry Month!

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D, Dir. of Hayden Planetarium, host of Nova Science Now, author and known for his eloquent, accessible explanations of the mysteries of space. KPFK’s Poets Café welcomes Tyson, April 11, 8:30 pm PST as honorary bard in celebration of Poetry Month!

Online PR News – 12-April-2012 – Studio City, CA – "Neil Tyson is the intergalactic space poet laureate of our time," said Elliot Pulham, Space Foundation CEO. Host Lois P. Jones first discovered Neil deGrasse Tyson during his youtube interview at the Montclair Kimberly Academy. “I’d never heard anyone speak of the cosmos with so much passion and in such a poetic light. When Stephen Colbert teased Dr. Tyson about writing his own sonnets, Dr. Tyson playfully deflected the question, but I knew he was a poet in the broadest definition and would make a great guest for our show. I have since followed his trajectory of science programs and lectures on youtube and have purchased several books. The most recent collection, 'Space Chronicles' (Norton, 2012) will be featured in part two of our interview. Both segments include Dr. Tyson reading his own poetry, or rhymes as he prefers to call them!”

This is a rare look at another side of Neil deGrasse Tyson as he shares insights into the relationship between science and poetry, his passion for the written word, the larger view of what artists give the world and why rhyme and science make good partners.

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