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Online PR News – 22-May-2012 – Ft Lauderdale FL – It’s hardly news that 12.8 million individuals in the U.S. are currently out of work, many of them highly qualified professionals. It’s also not news that the job hunt is a discouraging and demoralizing process.

What’s news is and their revolutionary approach to the job hunt, for employment seekers of any age.

What’s the biggest challenge for a CEO or small-business owner who’s hiring? Weeding out the really good applicants from the ones who merely make themselves sound good on their résumés.’s premise is that testimonials from people in responsible positions—not the applicant’s best friend—can paint a far more accurate picture than can a résumé alone. “We didn’t invent the wheel of Job search tools…but we brought it to NASCAR levels,” says Ed Nader, CEO of

Letter of Recommendation.

Who are the people whose opinions a hiring manager might respect? Examples include former bosses, college professors, and respected contemporaries.

How are their opinions amassed? Verified-True.Org gathers the actual traits, strengths, and weaknesses of job seekers from their contacts, then sorts them to produce a third party Letter of Recommendation that accurately reflects the job candidates qualities and value to the prospective employer.

Best of all for the applicant, with money so tight, the service costs the user nothing until he/she sees and approves the letters—and even then, the cost is only pennies!

The goal of this website is to get job seekers that crucial yet so hard to obtain interview, as well as directing the unemployed to helpful services through their links.

Ready for more good news? The simple process walks the applicant through each step easily. Anyone with professional contacts can get a TRUE “Letter of Recommendation.”

Enter the site, read how it works, fill out some information, and click 'Continue.' That’s it. The process is simple yet revolutionary. It brings a whole new dimension to the job hunt—for hiring authorities as well as for job-seekers.

Visit … see how it works.

In today’s world everyone deserves the opportunity to work…and the people at are dedicated to making it happen!

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