Intercash Discusses Innovative Prepaid Options and Partnerships

Global payment provider Intercash has launched a new card program that is set to revolutionize the prepaid industry promising no setup fees and no minimum card order. In addition to expanding their company and reaching a new audience with their prepaid products, they have also announced new strategic partnerships.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Intercash Europe is a global payment provider specializing in the prepaid industry. They provide branded prepaid MasterCard® cards and electronic payment systems. They are quickly becoming leaders in the industry due to their game-changing prepaid product line including their Intercash LITE program.

“Up till now, if a company wanted to issue a prepaid MasterCard® to their affiliates or clients, they were committed to a minimum order which was usually high with expensive setup fees. With Intercash LITE, we give merchants, affiliate managers and basically any company that’s in a position to issue payments the revolutionary opportunity to issue cards instantly without carrying an inventory and zero setup fees. We are currently the only company in the prepaid industry offering this service.” said Patrick Seguev, CEO of Intercash. This product allows companies to issue cards at a rate that suits their company’s growth at the lowest cost in the industry. For established companies that are ready to issue a larger volume of cards up front, the Intercash PRO option provides a firm option with no setup fees and volume discounts.

Seguev states that with the growth of the industry, they have had the opportunity to partner up with some major companies. He says “We have had the opportunity to form partnerships with many of the largest companies in the industry such as Everest, Sega, Income Access, Europartners and many more.” Seguev goes on to state that the prepaid MasterCard® is a mainstream product and Intercash is bringing it to the gaming industry. “In an industry where payments have high overhead costs stemming from check processing and EFT charges, our solution allows our partners to issue payments instantly and for a significantly lower financial commitment than ever before.”

In discussing their partnerships, Seguev announces “Additionally, we are excited to now be integrated within the Playtech software system. They are one of the largest companies in the gaming industry and we are proud to be partnered with them.” He states that within the Playtech system, users could automatically request a card with the click of a button. “We have worked hard to establish these relationships and are very proud to be able to bring this level of service to the industry.”

“We firmly believe that the future of player and affiliate payments is prepaid cards. We are working hard to maintain the most cost effective and business efficient solution available. Our goal is to provide this industry with solutions that reach every level of commerce in an efficient and cost effective manner, and with our new product line, we have achieved this objective.”

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