CarmelCafe Ipad App for Customized wine and menu pairings developed by Hunka Technologies

CarmelCafe Ipad App for Customized wine and menu pairings developed by Hunka Technologies

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – bhopal, M.P. – Bhopal March6, 2012- Hunka Technologies today added a new feather on their iPhone & iPad applications cap by developing a new iPad application that initiates customized wine and menu parings, called Carmel Café. Carmel Cafe presents a dynamic system for ordering pairings from the menu and wine list. Carmel Cafe is an iPad app that provides the perfect menu for your food and wine pairings.
This ipad app provides customized menu for all its customers. If you like a food option and want to know the wine that would be suitable with it, then this app will help you. If you like a particular wine and want to see the food options that would go with it, then this app is just for you. The CarmelCafe app helps you make the right choice while pairing the food option and wine. The app is very simple and fun to use.
The CarmelCafe ipad app gives a detailed description of each menu item. . The menu includes flavorful modern Mediterranean cuisine. With every dish you select, suggestions for the perfect wine that would complement it are given. The app also provides the photos of the dish that helps the customers to get an idea about how a dish would look when it is cooked. The CarmelCafe app provides wine pairings for each dish selected. The description includes wine notes and label information with each wine. If you have selected your wine then food options that would like to try are also provided. This app works either ways.
“This ipad application is a real aid for customers who need help while choosing a wine that would go with their food option and wine lovers who need the perfect food choice to go with their wine”, said Akshay Hunka, CEO, Hunka Technologies. The app customizes to pair the menu and the wine lists.
The food options available at CarmelCafe are fresh and flavorful. The ambience is very stylishly designed with plush red sofas. It provides an apt environment to meet and relax with friends with a glass of wine and some mouth-watering dishes. The menu includes- spreads and hummus, cheese and circuitries, flatbreads, soups, salads. The small and large plates include vegetarian, fish and seafood, specialty pastas and signature meat dishes. The wine list includes- champagne and sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, chardonnay, pinot noir, Shiraz, cabernet blends and beers.
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