"Stock Shock" Director Invites Sirius XM Investors to Celebrate with Cast

Director Sandra Mohr wins spot at International Film Festival just as Sirius XM stock reaches $1.00 share. Investors are invited to join cast members of the movie to celebrate the equity's rise from the ashes.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – On March 28, 2010 cast members of the movie about Sirius XM Satellite Radio will gather to celebrate the success of "Stock Shock" and the miraculous rise from the ashes of Sirius XM stock at an exclusive screening in Hollywood.

"We are having a celebration!" says director Sandra Mohr. She says she receives thank you letters from fans that believe the film exposed stock manipulators and helped the stock price to rise. "Sirius XM is trading for over $1/share, and we want to invite Sirius XM fans and investors to our March 28 Screening in Hollywood to celebrate!"

"Stock Shock" focuses on the once bewildered investors of the satellite radio company: Sirius XM (SIRI). When Sirius Radio and XM merged in 2008, the stock seemed poised to go through the roof--well above its high of 9 dollars per share. But something went horribly wrong when the stock was allegedly targeted by aggressive hedge funds that drove the equity down to an unbelievable .05 cents per share less than one year later. The movie lays out the story and looks into naked short selling and poor SEC regulation as the main reasons for the stock's demise.

Sirius XM investors in continue to be optomistic. Most believed new business developments and national attention would help them avoid the dreaded reverse stock split. And now that the independent documentary "Stock Shock" is telling their story at Netflix, Target, Best Buy, Amazon.com, and other global vendors, the sky may be the limit for this satellite company and its loyal, newly famous shareholders.

"Stock Shock," is getting good reviews as it makes its debut onto Netflix. "Stock Shock deserves an Academy Award," says Jim Puplava of the Financial News Hour, "it's an awakening."

Investors and fans interested in meeting the cast should contact Denise Hubbard at 323-521-3409 to purchase advance tickets. Screening will be held 4pm Sunday, March 28 at the Sunset Blvd. 5 Laemmle Theaters. An after-party gathering will follow at the adjacent restaurant. Seating is limited. Reduced rate hotel available.

"Stock Shock" is available on DVD at www.stockshockmovie.com