Elaine Eaglestone’s Book, Kick Ass Kick Addiction, Supports Amy Winehouse Foundation

A new book, kickasskickaddiction . com, for people fighting alcohol and drug addiction supports at home rehab.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – La Jolla, CA – La Jolla, CA, April 11, 2012 -- Elaine Eaglestone has authored a ground breaking book for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol. Kick Ass Kick Addiction is unique because Elaine doesn’t have formal training in drug counseling. Elaine Eaglestone lived with a heroin addict for seventeen years. Her experience with drug addiction is far more personal. The experiences she shares in the book are not found in any classroom or clinical setting. Her book offers addicts, and their family members, a relatable author’s voice.

Kick Ass Kick Addiction is about changing the patterns in the brain of an addict. The book directs the addict to identify the root cause of the problem, as the reason for dependency has to be addressed before recovery can truly begin. The book also focuses on the void left behind after the addict is clean. Elaine Eaglestone cites her ‘Mastermind Group’ concept in the book and provides information on national support groups too. The book delivers common knowledge, clinical concepts, and innovative approaches directly into the hands of people dealing with an addict on a daily basis. The book is a concise, all-in-one engaging resource that is also easy to read.

“Family members often advise rehab for addicts but what happens when an addict is home and clean, or when someone who is addicted doesn’t have the financial resources to attend rehab? My book is designed to help family members who are trying to be supportive of an addict’s recovery process. The information I put into the book is well researched and backed by my years of trial and tribulation with my ex-partner.” Says Elaine Eaglestone. “Simple things, such as sleep and eating healthy, have to be acknowledged. Even Yoga and Acupuncture are covered in my book. I wanted my audience to feel as if a friend was offering advice from personal experience.”

Rehab is vital in any addict’s recovery process according to SelfGrowth.com, but rehab facilities tend to use a one size fits all approach. There are various reasons why an individual may not have an option for rehab, particularly as funding for it has been reduced. Plus, figures show the success rate of most rehabs isn’t great. Addicts in rehab facilities are not in their natural settings. Rehab facilities have support teams that tell the addict when to sleep, what to eat, and what to do. It can be a form of “conditioning”, which unfortunately can make individuals appear as strangers to their families when (and if) they return home. The work done in rehab can become obsolete too. Once the reformed addict returns to his or her normal environment (which isn’t encouraged by rehab facilities), old habits and friends are often brought back into the addict’s life, which reignites a vicious cycle and causes families to drift apart. Kick Ass Kick Addiction helps real addicts, and their loved ones, deal with real environmental and emotional circumstances in their normal everyday setting.

Kick Ass Kick Addiction by Elaine Eaglestone is available for purchase on Amazon.com and her website www.kickasskickaddiction.com. The price is £19.99. Elaine Eaglestone is donating fifty percent of net profit from the book to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation acknowledged Elaine’s generosity, and continued quest to help addicted individuals find help through resources, by re-Tweeting the book’s pre-promotional copy. Kick Ass Kick Addiction is the first book for Elaine Eaglestone. Ms. Eaglestone previously worked in the marketing field, running a successful company while dealing with her partner’s heroin addiction. She is also involved with the charity “CAN drug and alcohol team” in Northampton. Elaine Eaglestone is able to offer her services as a speaker too.

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