Offers Subscription To Receive A New Riddle Every Day.

My Daily Riddle launches a blog which includes YouTube videos as well as easy access to the riddle website.

Online PR News – 16-April-2012 – Chatsworth, Califronia – In a press release last month titled, "Riddle Website Offers Riddles That Rhyme and Challenge", it was announced My Daily Riddle launched its new website. The website provides riddles written in verse each day of the week with seven riddles available for viewing at all times. However, the website did not allow visitors to subscribe so as to have these riddles sent to them directly each day by way of email. This feature is now available on the blog,, by simply entering an email address in the section appropriately title, "Subscribe to My Daily Riddle".

Here is the riddle at for today, April 16th:

It's there before you, it you cannot see
It never has been, yet always will be.
Patience won't help you, or the force of will
You can plan all day, you'll be waiting still.

The solution for each riddle is provided and can be found by clicking the link to the website. As a bonus, three YouTube videos (each a riddle in themselves) are also available on the blog. Finally, it is possible for visitors to make comments on any individual riddle. This allows for suggestions, observations or any questions the visitor may have on that day's riddle. My Daily Riddle is idea for those who enjoy solving Puzzles and riddles

About My Daily Riddle
We are dedicated to providing fresh and original Brainteaser riddles, written in verse, on a daily basis not found anywhere else. While usually in the form of an enigma, the riddles are designed to puzzle and entertain our visitors while testing their problem solving skills along the way, yet having some fun at the same time. We also challenge our visitors to create and submit their own riddles for posting which can be sent to

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