Massachusetts Lactation Consultant Debbie Page Reveals Redesign of The New Born Baby Website

In order to better serve the needs of breastfeeding women around the world, Lactation Consultant Debbie Page has launched the newest version of The New Born Baby website designed to be a resource and community for women.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Breastfeeding mothers are turning more and more to the Internet in order to get their breastfeeding questions answered. Faced with new vocabulary such as latch, positioning and milk supply, mothers are in need of help with breastfeeding. It‟s not easy to learn a complex skill unless you have observed it from others. That‟s why in spite of the wealth of information available at your fingertips, there is such a high rate of failure for breastfeeding.

In order to better suit the needs of mothers in need of breastfeeding support, Debbie Page, a certified Massachusetts Lactation Consultant, has revealed the latest version of her website at

“My main goal with this website is to connect with the mothers before and after they give birth,” states Page, “More importantly, I want my visitors to know that we care about their desire to breastfeed and enjoy it. My breastfeeding story with my first child was filled with grave disappointment and grieving. This fueled my passion to empower women to nurture their children with breastmilk, love and joy. I will do anything to help other women reach their breastfeeding goals.”

Visitors to The New Born Baby website will be able to easily book consultations with Debbie Page and her team of lactation consultants and counselors. Page has created sections for mothers to book both local and online consultations that are performed using video conferencing technology.

“Our consultations are all about listening to the mother and baby. What does the baby need? What does the mother want? This is often the first time anyone has really heard their story. A two hour consultation versus a fifteen minute visit makes an enormous difference. This coupled with years of studying babies and breastfeeding and hands on experience are the reason our mothers fall in love with breastfeeding,” said Page.

In addition to one on one lactation consultations, visitors will also be able to sign up for one of the many classes offered at The New Born Baby. Offerings include classes on breastfeeding for expectant parents as well as infant massage. “We must reach women before they give birth. Most breastfeeding classes tell parents the same thing they can learn online–mostly „How-To‟s‟. Our classes are far richer with live breastfeeding demonstrations and a thorough understanding of how breastfeeding works. Let‟s face it the parents are going to be the mechanics so understanding the nuts and bolts will be invaluable. Parents that have taken our class have an extremely high rate of breastfeeding success. It doesn‟t mean they don‟t have problems but they certainly know how to produce plenty of milk and how to get that milk into their babies.”

The new design of The New Born Baby website allows for easier navigation through the extensive Resources Page available on the site. The Resources Page contains information on the benefits of breastfeeding, Frequently Asked Questions about breastfeeding, as well as links to suggested books.

The New Born Baby website will also be a hub for the breastfeeding community at large. Mothers will find blogs covering the most important topics in the breastfeeding world, video diaries providing guidance for the most common breastfeeding concerns, as well as information on how to get involved in the breastfeeding initiatives such as Milk‟s Up, a movement of mothers showing worldwide support for breastfeeding.

About Debbie Page, IBCLC

Debbie Page is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant based in Sterling, MA. She has worked with hundreds of mothers and babies to help them meet their breastfeeding goals. Her special interests include helping mothers with latch, milk production issues and sleep deprivation.