New Fun Corporate Leader Game Announced

This new 3D board game is educational entertainment as players earn kudos to be promoted 5 times to become the CEO. During the game, players will have goals, take risks, play politics, learn ethics and experience teamwork.

Online PR News – 11-April-2012 – Princeton, NJ – Summitry has developed a new fun innovative game that educates players about business professions, ethics, politics and promotions. Each player chooses one of five professions and moves around the board earning kudos for their accomplishments. These professions include: Technology, Operations, Marketing, Accounting and Sales. If the player has enough kudos when they reach their review, they receive a promotion to the next level. The first player to reach the CEO level becomes the winner of the game. During the game, players will experience corporate politics; be challenged by questions; make management risk decisions; and learn about business tools. As an option, players may form teams to develop teamwork.

The Players take turns using a spinner to determine their movement around the board. They are given a goal card at the start of each level which is evaluated when they stop on a goal assessment space. Additional goal cards are provided as they move around the board. In addition, players are asked questions when stopping on company card spaces. The correct answers are rewarded with kudos. There are five levels on the board; Staff, Manager, Director, Vice President and Executive (CxO). The goals become more difficult and the questions become harder as you move up to higher levels. The game can be played with 2 to 8 players and is recommended for ages 10 and above.

Lisa VanPatten, CFO of Sunergy America says: “The Corporate Leader Game is both educational and entertaining for friends, families, business students, management trainees and organizational leaders. It teaches players various business aspects of setting goals, understanding ethics, taking risks and teamwork.”

The Corporate Leader Game is currently in beta testing and is expected to be available this summer.