Testosterone Helps Men Remain In Better Shape As They Age, American Longevity Center Confirms

According to a new study men who have high testosterone levels, often from supplementing with Hormone Replacement Therapy, lose less lean muscle mass.

Online PR News – 10-April-2012 – Miami, FL – The hormone replacement therapies offered at American Longevity Center (ALC) have been found to have additional benefits for males. According to a new study done by Kaiser Permanente Northwest, men who have high testosterone levels, often from supplementing with hormone replacement therapy, lose less lean muscle mass than their low testosterone counterparts. This helps keep men in better physical condition as they age, and reduces the risk of frailty, physical limitations and broken bones.

The study also found that higher testosterone levels that stem from hormone replacement therapy lead to a smaller loss of lower body strength, meaning men will face fewer issues with mobility and may stay active longer. These new found benefits come in addition to the many other gains associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy when used to treat low testosterone.

Low testosterone is a common cause of many age-related issues faced by men. Known as andropause, the condition can lead to a decrease in energy, physical breakdown, irritability or depression, and a decline in libido and sexual performance. Andropause is caused by the body’s natural reduction in testosterone production after age 30, and millions of men suffer from it.

Fortunately, the expert doctors at ALC can treat low testosterone, often eliminating the symptoms. Through hormone replacement therapy, the body’s natural testosterone production is supplemented, and a healthy balance is restored. The improvements in quality of life are myriad, and thanks to the new study, have been discovered to include a better physique.

Men living in the shadows of andropause shouldn’t wait any longer. The info from the Kaiser Permanente Northwest study reinforces what medical science already knows – increased testosterone levels mean a healthier life. There’s no reason to accept slowing down, getting weak, and feeling poorly as a normal part of aging when the solution is as simple as calling the American Longevity Center. Testosterone therapy from American Longevity Center may be prescribed as an oral supplement, cream or injectable.

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