Worldwide Parcel Services Add Parcel Tracking For All Bookings

An important part of business is to get goods shipped out to a customer on time. However lost parcels are lost business, and so most importantly is that the business knows where the goods are at any given time. Worldwide Parcel Services now provide tracking for all bookings.

Online PR News – 26-June-2012 – Kent, United Kingdom – How often do businesses send parcels with no tracking, crossing fingers and hoping the package will arrive on time, to the right location, and in one piece? Indeed the majority of businesses have experienced a loss of an important document or parcel at one stage of their lifetime. More often than not, the loss is of little importance; another item can simply be taken from stock, and perhaps the monetary value is minimal. However what happens when that lost parcel is vital to the operation of the business?

Worldwide Parcel Services believe that a business should know exactly where their customer's deliveries are at any time of day or night; which is why the courier is now providing free parcel tracking for all bookings made.

Even if luck has meant a business has never had a parcel go missing in transit, the consequences can be dire if a key item sent out to the company's best customer goes missing in transit, with no immediate replacement available. Overnight the company could lose their biggest customer. No business can afford that level of risk.

Worldwide Parcel Services agree with that statement. That is why businesses can now track every single parcel sent with the courier service online, at any time of day or night. All clients are provided with a parcel tracking number, that can then be used to locate a parcel instantly online.

The unique code for each parcel delivery simply needs to be input into the tracking page of the Worldwide Parcel Services website, where within seconds, the location of the parcel will be displayed, along with any and all history of the parcel's journey so far.

Still sceptical as to why a parcel courier offers a better tracking service than the Post Office? Then simply take into consideration the fact that the only tracked next day service offered by the UK Post Office is “Special delivery.” If a parcel is sent with the Royal Mail by any other service, then the parcel will not be being tracked. Not even recorded delivery mail is tracked.

More worryingly is that unless proof of posting is retained, then a customer cannot make a claim at all. This means that if the parcel is just sent first class post and gets lost in transit, no claim can be made for compensation. Even with proof of posting, the claim can take 2-4 weeks to process, with only around £46 being returned.

This is why at Worldwide Parcel Services, the belief has been reinforced that parcel tracking is a vital part of any business' logistical plans. While the Royal Mail do a fantastic job; can a business really rely on untracked mail?

Worldwide Parcel Services offer the ability to track a parcel in real time. Each parcel is scanned on to each van, with each delivery van having a GPS locator too. Therefore its location is fed back to an administration system in real time, allowing the parcel courier to know which van a parcel is on, and where that van is headed.

This service is now provided free of charge for every booking made. Hence customers can be safe in the knowledge that a parcel can be located in a matter of seconds, allowing for peace of mind for both the sending business, and the receiving client.

Worldwide Parcel Services is a parcel delivery company based in Belvedere in Kent. Packages can be collected from any address in the UK, and delivered to virtually any destination internationally. Delivery services are also available for parcels up to 500kg in weight, whereas most couriers stop at 30kg.