I Imagine Studio Announces Redesign of the Starfruit Café Web Site

I Imagine Studio announces the launch of the new Starfruit Café Web site, which has been redesigned to create a more user-friendly and interactive venue to convey the fun and energetic personality of Starfruit Café and connect with consumers.

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Evanston, IL – I Imagine Studio is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Starfruit Café Web site (www.starfruitcafe.com). The site — built around the concept of the Starfruit Universe — has been transformed to provide a more user-friendly and interactive experience and to better convey information and values essential to the brand, all while incorporating the fun and energetic personality of Starfruit Café.

The expanded Menu section of the site engages visitors with its visual presentation of the diverse flavor, topping, and health boost options available at Starfruit locations and creatively integrates nutritional information for available products. Among other additions to the site are a What’s New section, which allows visitors to view photos from past events and announcements for upcoming ones, and an About Us section, which presents visitors with information on the health benefits of kefir t and Starfruit’s community involvement and environmental efforts.

Integration of Facebook and Twitter interfaces enables visitors to become Starfruit fans without even leaving the site, maximizing social media reach and building brand awareness across multiple media platforms.

With its effective use of animation and colorful visuals, paired with educational and interactive features, the redesigned Web site successfully conveys Starfruit’s brand personality and generates consumer interest in the Starfruit Universe. I Imagine Studio has created a fun and exciting venue for Starfruit Café to tell its story and engage with potential and existing customers.

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