Popular Urban Clothing Brands Now Available In The Shelves Of Bcheap

Previous year, we started with a more user friendly online clothing store with an addition of 18,000+ fashion products. This year we have reached another milestone of adding maximum urban clothing brands to our shelves, according to the professionals of Bcheap.com

Online PR News – 18-February-2010 – – Wantagh, NY ( Onlineprnews ) February 17, 2010 - Bcheap.com, one of the popular online clothing stores around has seen catalyst growth over the past year. This online shopping portal for trendy clothing is well known around the planet for quickly understanding customer needs and fulfilling it. Bcheap was made more user-friendly last year and the great work of the team of web designers have taken this online clothing retailer to the next level. “The web-design rework of Bcheap has come out real good. We have received tons of customer appreciations and in fact lots of sales through the past few months as a result of the new design” says Mr. Ramirez, the lead webmaster of Bcheap.

Urban clothing is the newest trend in the fashion world. In fact, fashion lovers are looking out for unique designs of Urban clothing. Obviously, Bcheap has already updated its online store with a handful of unique Urban clothing. “We have added all popular brands such as Kikwear, Tripp Nyc, Xzavier, Five Crown Clothing, Jnco and Skin Industries. There are several other Urban clothing brands which are now available with us and we are sure that this will delight all the fashion lovers out there”. Is this the only update available with Bcheap? “Well, it is not all about Urban clothing. In addition to that our store is now a one stop shop for Urban Clothing, Skateboards, Rave Clothing (http://bcheap.com/rave-clothing-store.html), Club Toys and 18000+ more products. In short, Bcheap is an amusement part for fashion lovers.” This is exactly a catalyst growth for an online clothing retailer in just a year. This great growth of Bcheap reveals the top quality of their products and the great degree of customer satisfaction that they maintain.

With the implementation of McAfee Secure Shopping; Bcheap is one of the safest place to spend money on buying fashion items. “People buying anything online are always concerned about the safety of their personal information. We were working on making our website the most secure place to buy fashion items and McAfee Secure Shopping is supporting us with that. Our online store is secured with the great McAfee protection and shoppers are safer than ever before.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Ramirez said, “So here are the updates at Bcheap at a glance. This year, we have added Urban clothing (http://bcheap.com) collection from all popular brands to our shelves. We continue offering rave clothing, with brands like UFO Clothing, Ghast, Equalizer T-Shirts (http://bcheap.com/ilmoansoret.html) and a lot more as well. Our online store is now enabled with enhanced protection from McAfee to ensure the safest shopping experience.”

We were presented with an online catalog of 18,000+ products available at Bcheap. They are without doubt one of the fastest growing online clothing retailers in this planet.

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Bcheap.com is the place where you can find Urban clothing along with 18,000+ variety of fashion items under one roof. With the top quality, affordable pricing and secure shopping, this online clothing retailer has great degree of customer satisfaction too.

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