Posture Group has launched its online manual handling training and assessment software

Training is provided online via a comprehensive slideshow which covers all manual handling scenarios and is followed by a detailed manual handling risk assessment to reduce the health and safety risks of manual handling in the workplace.

Online PR News – 12-April-2012 – London, UK – Posture Group has launched its online manual handling training and assessment software system to provide comprehensive training and assessments for manual handling tasks in the workplace.

Posture Group are experts in the area of face to face manual handling training and risk assessments. The online manual handling system has been developed by our team of 250+ manual handling, ergonomics and health and safety consultants to streamline and automate the assessments they carry out face to face.

Reduce the time it takes to provide and administrate manual handling training and assessments and easily assess workers at remote office locations.

Benefits of Posture Group’s online manual handling training and assessment system:

• Requires minimal organisation by management.
• Automatically collates data and highlights issues where action is necessary
• Allows assessment for staff at multiple locations.
• Reduces the costs of providing face to face assessments by 90%
• The system was developed by Posture Group’s team of 250+ manual handling, ergonomics and health and safety consultants to streamline the processes they use for providing face to face manual handling training and assessments.
• Fully customisable system with your branding to make it look like it was developed in-house.
• Detailed training so that all staff are aware of the risks and are trained in the correct techniques to use in any manual handling tasks they have to undertake.
• Manual handling assessment questionnaire and training covering general handling techniques for all office workers.
• More than 40 specialist manual handling training and assessment scenarios.
• Can custom build specific manual handling training and assessment scenarios to meet your requirements.
• Paperless process

Training and assessment scenarios available for the Online Manual Handling System

General training and assessment for all workers which includes:
• Worker health
• Storage/retrieval of filing
• Using a trolley
• Moving furniture
• Laptop carrying on person
• Luggage carrying when travelling for work
• Water Bottle handling for Coolers
• Stationery order receiving
• Handling files at a desk and retrieving items from low drawers
• Stacking, warehouse
• Loading and unloading, warehouse
• Recycled/Shredded paper handling
• General manual handling questions

Information Technology manual handling
• Installing printer
• Installing PC
• Installing monitor
• Installing servers

Administration manual handling
• Printer Paper Distribution
• Storage/retrieval of filing
• Package receiving and handling

Post manual handling:
• Franking
• Post distribution

General office specific manual handling scenarios:
• Moving presentation equipment
• Using a trolley
• Recycled / Shredded paper handling
• Moving furniture
• Laptop carrying on person
• Luggage carrying when travelling for work
• Water bottle handling for dispensers
• Stationery order receiving

Corporate hospitality:
• Drink and food tray handling (closed doors etc and trip/slip hazards)

Workstation manual handling:
• Reaching to pick up files on desk
• Retrieving items from low drawers

Manufacturing / production line / assembly line manual handling:
• Assembly of components
• Equipment operation

Service and repair (appliances):
• Transport to customer home (carrying tools and replacement parts etc)
• Repair of appliance

Warehouse manual handling:
• Stacking
• Loading and unloading

Healthcare / hospital manual handling:
• Handling patients
• Handling Equipment
• Patient bathing/washing
• Bed making

Retail / supermarket manual handling:
• Checkout
• Shelf Stacking/restocking

Road works manual handling:
• Pneumatic drill
• Manual digging
• Material/equipment Handling

Parcel delivery / mail manual handling:
• Sorting
• Parcel handling
• Parcel handling
• Loading/unloading

Haulage / logistics manual handling:
• Equipment operation
• Loading/unloading

Refuse / recycling manual handling:
• Loading/unloading
• Handling
• Equipment operation

Porter / travel manual handling:
• Customer baggage assistance
• Customer with disability assistance
• Catering trolley
• Baggage / luggage handling
• Hotel bed making

Cleaner / cleaning manual handling:
• Vacuuming
• Floor polishing
• Sweep/Mop
• Cleaning

If you would like a specific scenario that is not listed, Posture Group will create the scenario for your company and tailor it to your requirements.

Features of the Online Manual Handling Training and Assessment System:

Detailed training provided via slideshow
• Visually engaging and easy to understand
• Indicates all key health and safety factors relevant to manual handling
• Training points and tips are provided relating to each area of the manual handling training.

Manual handling assessment questionnaire
• Detailed assessment questions relating to all areas and scenarios involved with manual handling
• Pre-assessment disclaimer
• Simple multiple-choice answers
• Drop down list of pre-determined ‘issue’ responses
• Option to go ‘back’ during assessment
• Can pause the assessment at any stage and come back and complete the assessment at a later date or time.
• Assessment can be bookmarked for later completion

Management Reporting System
• Separate login page and password
• Automated feedback of user answers
• Recommended action provided for all outstanding user
• Management comments entry box for each question
• Automated PDF generator on completion
• Easy to view all the awaiting, incomplete assessments and also the issues with actions required
• Option to view issues dependent on risk priority level (high, medium, low, no action required)

Email management
• The email function allows the automation of the system.
• Client provides data for each user (name and email address)
• Once uploaded the manual handling system recognises all users taking the assessment
• An initial launch email is automatically sent to all users with personal login details
• Email reminders can be setup and sent to users who have not completed their assessment

To view more information about the online manual handling training and assessment system please click on the link below:

For more information contact:

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Posture Group
Tel: 0845 345 3172

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