100 Women Worldwide To Participate in Online Wellbeing Initiative

100 women worldwide are taking a step towards a more fulfilled and nourished life, as part of an online wellbeing initiative, The Nourished Life Project. The project is in support of women's wellbeing, and is led by lifestyle strategist and coach Marissa HÃ¥kansson.

Online PR News – 12-April-2012 – Sydney, New South Wales – 100 women worldwide are taking a step towards a more fulfilled and nourished life, as part of the online initiative The Nourished Life Project, www.thenourishedlifeproject.com. The initiative is led by lifestyle strategist and coach Marissa HÃ¥kansson, who aims to transform the lives and wellbeing of 100 women during 2012.

Each of the 100 women participating in The Nourished Life Project will receive a 'Nourished Life' session: a deep and powerful, one-on-one conversation with Ms HÃ¥kansson, about how they can feel more fulfilled and nourished in their daily life (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

Ms HÃ¥kansson says "Giving voice to what we truly feel in our hearts can be the catalyst for amazing changes in our lives. Through deep conversation, we can become empowered around our wellbeing and have the courage to take that next step towards what we really want for our lives."

"I want to give each women who participates in The Nourished Life Project the opportunity to explore what a life fully nourished and fulfilled looks like to them."

Ms HÃ¥kansson emphasises that feeling nourished and fulfilled is not just about physical wellbeing. Rather, it's more how we feel on the inside about ourselves and our lives.

"When we know who we are and are willing to get truthful about what's important to us, we feel more calm, content and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. We also expand our awareness of what's possible in our lives."

Making lifestyle changes to feel more fulfilled is something Ms HÃ¥kansson has experienced personally.

"For many years I yearned for greater wellbeing and meaning in my life. Eventually, I decided to leave my corporate career behind and carve out a new lifestyle that better supported my wellbeing, deeply fulfilled me, and was true to who I am as a person."

Now, Ms HÃ¥kansson wants to help other women experience deeper levels of inner wellbeing and fulfilment in their own lives.

"Women's wellbeing is something I'm incredibly passionate about. And, with The Nourished Life Project, I have the opportunity to support 100 women in transforming their lives. I'm excited about what will unfold for each of the women."

Women who are interested in being one of the 100 participants in The Nourished Life Project can find out more and apply at www.thenourishedlifeproject.com. Participation is free and open to any woman worldwide who wants to feel more nourished in any part of her life, and is available to talk by Skype or phone.



Marissa HÃ¥kansson is a lifestyle strategist and transformative coach based in Sydney, Australia, who helps women reconnect with their authentic self, awaken a deep-sense of inner wellbeing, and create space in their life to be who they truly are. Marissa is the creator of thenourishedlifeproject.com and purebodycalm.com and loves exploring how we can cultivate greater connection, depth and meaning in every aspect of our lives.

For more information visit thenourishedlifeproject.com and purebodycalm.com