GlobeBill Welcomed A Great Success

Trading volume of POS machine of GlobeBill technology service Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as GlobeBill) has brokethrough 2million in March, 2012.

Online PR News – 12-April-2012 – HongKong – Trading volume of POS machine of GlobeBill technology service Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as GlobeBill) has brokethrough 2million in March, 2012.

According to the words of the vice general manager Wangyi, this represents the POS service of GlobeBill has made a great victory and it can be seen as a milestone. It also has made a good beginning for the target of breaking through 600 million volumes at the end of 2012.

Two million is not a small Number, and the significance implicated can also be revealed in various aspects. It represents the POS business of GlobeBill has a good momentum of development; it shows the credit card payment service has been widely accepted by customers, it also embodies its online payment solution has been admitted by the customers. However, this figure is not achieved by a short time effort. The brilliant success not only comes from the tireless efforts of the sales department, but also contains the persistence of customer service department. Behind this lies some precious spirit like unity and cooperation which best represents our company’s values. A promising company can always gather everything in their power to provide the best products for our customers.

A clerk comes from the integrated department also indicates that the company’s POS machines’ planning of 2012 should be dated back to the last season of 2011 when the company has summarized the deficiencies in the initial payment gateway.Under the leadership of Pengbingheng, the Vice president of legal affairs, the integrated department has made two agreements: the Paying Agent Agreement of GlobeBill and Cash Registers Equipment of GlobeBill ,which have simplified the Cooperation and department’s structure to a large extent. It brought better service for both its customer and agents and it also provides policy help for the competitiveness of POS business.

The POS business of GlobeBill provides customers with online payment gateway instead of simple products. Technical support has always been indispensable in the process. According to the words of a member of the technical department” apart from sustaining the normal operation of POS machine, we are working on a new POS machine. After it was formally put into use it will make customers become more certain about their choice. Of course, merchants also can experience GlobeBill develop virtual account system in a short time, the more convenient the merchant would get, more income will be. "

Opportunities and challenges are always together. As a company which get the third party payment license, GlobeBill sees the future of its POS service and it’s broad prospects long before. POS machines, as one of the most important tools of money transaction, are in huge demand in china. According to relevant data in 2011, China has only 13.7 machines in per ten thousand people, less than 625 sets of South Korea.

From analysis of think-tank information, along with the rise of mobile payment business, there will be a vast space for POS machines to grow. In 2013, Asia mobile payment users will make up 85% of the total corresponding user as expected China's mobile payment business will also be in the process of growth in years growing at 40%, plus the implantation of domestic policy, domestic POS business development would get more opportunities.

"A day of 2 million won't be dream and six hundred million will become a reality.” said the vise general manager in the POS machine department review meeting at the end of last year. The former has reached in advance and the latter will also be realized one day.