Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 Used for Bilge Cleaning

Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 is an effective oil stain remover, which can be effectively used for bilge cleaning. Removing oil stain from the bilge is now an easy and safe task as this product makes use on eco-friendly an effective bioremediation technology.

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200, an eco-friendly product that was used in oil spill cleanup in major spills, such as the Prestige oil spill in Spain can also be used for bilge cleaning. This oil stain remover clears out accumulated bilge waste, which contains engine oil and lubricants. It makes use of a simple passive method called bioremediation to clear the contamination from the bilge.

Boat owners will especially find this oil spill cleaner very useful as there are fines associated with illegal dumping of bilge waste and also because Oil Gone Easy Marine S-200 oil stain remover comes with a cost-effective price.

The specialty of this solution is the use of an eco-friendly method in cleaning oil spill without disturbing the interior part of the bilge. The solution only needs to be applied on the bilge. This solution acts as a super-nutrient in attracting the oil eating microbes present in the environment and sticks to the hydrocarbons present in the water and eventually breaks them down. It creates an agglomerated gel which remains on the surface where there is an aerobic environment thus pumping out only clean water overboard. One application of this bilge cleaner is enough to last two months.