MOVE OVER Charles Aznavour and Serge Gainsborg, there is a new kid on the block named SIMONGAD

It is not often we get to personally interview a handsome, sensual, sultry and dynamically handsome man, however, as life will have it, a colleague and I were thrust into the interview with a visible twinkle in our eyes…

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – All we knew was that Simongad is a songwriter, International Model and performer, was 5 years old when he ascended the stage for the first time and discovered how the world of music was powerful.

We were both given a CD to listen to a week before this assignment entitled “Tête Brûlée “ and were told, “Darlings…you are going to love this man”.

So, in preparation we listened, with untrained ears and it appeared that from certain songs we heard on his last CD , that one can clearly “discover” SIMONGAD, the child and wounded dreamer (“A matter of survival”), a man of deep emotion that spin painful (“Pain”) and a romantic passion (“Dinner with Cantrell’s”).

We also noticed a little pop-rock, a touch of electro and especially the foundation of the blues mixed with a touch of gospel.

Apart from listening to the CD, and a multitude of sensual “YOUTUBE “videos we watched the only other thing we were aware of was a quote - “A true haven of music, close to its roots” by a fellow leading American Music Journalist.

So, time to ask questions and discover a bit more…

His first professional artistic steps were his performances in singing gospel in 1986.

He was nine years old.

After the loss of his voice and a few years of singing and dance lessons later, he performed professionally on stages in Belgium, France and Switzerland with the gospel group "Continental Singers” in 1993 and 1997.

In 1998 Simongad won the contest for best male artist in ROMANDY, Switzerland (The French speaking region) and a year later, he joined the a cappella group "For the Passion" with whom he recorded an album “Play” in 2003.

This recording was not the first for him since he has already self-produced two singles entitled “Broken Image” (1999) and “Angel” (2000).

Simongad discovered his passion for writing and composition “catchy” music and with this in mind he created a single which was selected for the finals of the Swiss Eurovision song.

In 2004 he had to slow down on his personal creativity as he was a participant in French Series “Nouvelle Star” and “M6”.

Once cast and the qualifying rounds /auditions past, he reached the final ten, which was held, live, at the Ballard Pavilion.

Unfortunately for him, this adventure was not as favourable as was hoped and sadly Simongad was unceremoniously eliminated in first round.

His elimination from the competition was exceptionally controversial, embittered by this result, Marianne James, a member of the jury, replied when hearing the result "You (the voters) have shit between your ears!” and “Shame on you all !” , to a resounding rapture of applause from the audience

As the interview progresses we personally got thinking that since then, he never let go or wasted the smallest particle of his artistic ability in whatever he does and whatever his mood.

Even if he does not deny in any way the fun he had, the experience was painful for Simongad because after reality TV, he was thrust back into reality – the real world!

A month and a half after his return from “Nouvelle Star sur M6”, Simongad was in a contact with the Production house “SHAZZAM”.

Their collaboration created a first single “Breath on my mouth”, released in April 2007, receiving a warm welcome, both from the public who came to applaud Simongad in concert and various European Radio Stations such as Radio Chablais, Red FM and RJN also still have this title in their play-list) and television (including TVM3 and Leman Blue).

He was certainly a major attraction to the French media, and we can see why, especially when one hears his voice, his silky velvet singing voice clearly shows authenticity, something we both noticed when meeting this rather bashful and introverted modest musician.

Best we all take some encouragement from his personal motto: "I never give up!”

For the real Simongad his music is the way he expresses his views on life, his feelings and emotions, here are some of his recorded albums

2010 - Concert spécial
Les 15 ans d'Option Musique

2008 - Tête Brûlée

2008 – single Hot Stuff
(concours eurovision)

2008 - Concert spécial
Option Musique

2008 - Voix de Fête

2007 - Single
Souffle Sur Ma Bouche

2004 - album Nouvelle Star

2003 - Ecoute
For the Passion A capella

1999 - Single Ne me
demandes pas