Griff Hamlin Presents King Of The Blues Telecaster Sound, Roy Buchanan, At Blues Guitar Unleashed

Griff Hamlin, creator of Blues Guitar Unleashed, has released a new post featuring the blues guitar player, Roy Buchanan. Buchanan was one of the most respected blues guitar players among blues musicians, according to Hamlin.

Online PR News – 10-April-2012 – Corona/CA – Griff Hamlin, professional guitarist and creator of the blues guitar lesson product Blues Guitar Unleashed, has featured blues guitar player, Roy Buchanan, in his most recent blog post. Buchanan built a reputation for his playing, his sound, and his tone on his Fender Telecaster guitar. Hamlin features Buchanan as an underrated guitarist in popular audiences, but a highly respected guitarist in the blues music community. Hamlin includes that famous guitarists, Gary Moore, Danny Gatton, and Jeff Beck, are just a few of the musicians that have been influenced by Roy Buchanan. Readers will find Hamlin’s post about Roy Buchanan at

“It would be wrong to write all these posts about blues guitarists and not include the pioneer of the blues Telecaster sound, Roy Buchanan,” Hamlin says.

“Although Buchanan didn't reach the heights of fame of other blues guitarists like B.B. King or Eric Clapton,” According to Hamlin, “Buchanan is highly respected in the blues guitar community.”

“In fact,” Hamlin says, “His influence reached guitar greats Gary Moore, Danny Gatton, Jeff Beck, and countless others.”

Hamlin offers a variety of articles and guitar lessons on his website at Hamlin offers a series of guitar lesson videos for blues guitarists. See another recent post featuring the blues guitarist, Ry Cooder, at

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