SEO Company ranks for the best law firm Web design and Website Development Company

Ray Fenton that is attorney at law in United States has rated SEO Company as the best Law firm agency website design and website development company. Ray said, He was shocked to see the kind of web design, web development and seo services ever exist in Pakistan

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – Mr. Ray Fenton United States leading Attorney at Law named SEO Company as the best website design, website development and Search Engine Optimization Company for law firms worldwide.

About Mr. Ray Fenton

Mr. Ray Fenton is US most famous attorney at law and a Government body that also runs a private law firm; He is a psychologist, writer and publisher of number of Law related books and He is a lecturer in Washington DC’s most renowned law university.

About SEO Company Pakistan

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing company is a Lahore Pakistan based SEO Company providing customers with website design, website development and search engine ranking services for quite some time now, they lead the market with interactive and user and search engine optimized website design and web development services.

Ray said, we understand the IT in United States delivers much better solutions, but I never knew great firms like exist on Internet. I am seriously happy internet is now being used in the right directions which is helping people get to know each other and businesses.

Ray Secretary Ms. Paulina Rosalina said, we came to know about via Google during Ray was looking for law firm website design and website development companies, I personally know Ray was confused because the pricing and packages we received from number of United States web design and web development companies were different, for instance a Los Angeles based SEO Company is charging 2000/- United States Dollars with 3 month time frame while the New York based website design and development company is charging for around 8000/- United States dollars with 6 months time frame including extra 600US$ for expedite charges

Yes, we were confused during all the time, but luckily Ray came to know about SEO Company, this Pakistan based search engine optimization and search marketing company has provided us all the necessary information, we understand law and not IT and web designing and web development but their CEO Mr. Luqman used to speak to us for hours and hours and educated us in layman terms.

We have selected a template which we thought were very useful, but Luqman has asked us not to select this web template and they would provide us a great and interactive template that has proper navigation systems, and this was the case, In just 24-hours they have provided us 3 wonderful templates with 3 logo options to choose from and trust, we liked all 3 templates and logos, they were wonderful with their customer support, prices and packages and short time frame for a bigger project of us.

They have completed our website design and development works in around 15-days time and has not asked for any expedite charges, we have sent all the money after work got completed; they have made modifications on the same time we submitted or requested for the modifications, they are nice humans Rosalina said.

Rosalina expressed, we never knew such brilliant companies exist in Asia, which offer rock bottom service charges for a great CMS. We are glad and we are now going to sign an agreement for search engine optimization and search engine marketing services, Rosalina said.

She has thanked web designers and web developers and even search engine optimizers and search marketers for delivering them an impressive project they never thought of.

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