Randall McClure of Georgia Southern Releases New Article on Googlepedia

As part of his duty as an educator, Randall McClure must constantly publish in order to keep his standing at the top of the academic field.

Online PR News – 09-April-2012 – Georgia Southern – As part of his duty as an educator, Randall McClure must constantly publish in order to keep his standing at the top of the academic field. To this end, Randall McClure has released a number of different articles over his tenure as an associate professor at Georgia Southern University. His most recent release is called Googlepedia, and it addresses many pertinent issues with education in the digital age.

Essentially, many educators are worried at the proliferation of students who have grown up with the Internet. Many students come to college ill-equipped to be able to do the research necessary to succeed in an academic environment. However, Randall McClure of Georgia Southern has stated in his article that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Students who are familiar with using Google and other search engines to find information about pertinent items or events to their everyday life can then be trained to use these basic research skills for better use in academia.

Randall McClure says that there is considerable advantage to working with students who are familiar with the Internet. They already come with the raw skills needed to succeed in college. They simply need to be taught in a specific way in order to get the point of academic research across. Once this occurs, students who have experience working with search engines and other ways of getting information from the Internet can then experience wholehearted success in the college environment.

Expect many other similar releases from Randall McClure in the future. He does much research on the role of technology in modern education, and also the ways in which technology influences the development of writing. He has many exciting things to say on the subject, so more studies and papers will be forthcoming. "We look forward to seeing what else Randall McClure will have to add to the conversation in the future." Said Donna Melendez a Public Relations representative for PR media.


Randall McClure obtained a PhD from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. He finished the degree in 2001, and it is the fourth and final component to his education. His previous degrees were obtained from Bowling Green State University and Chapman University. His PhD is in English, and he specialized in rhetoric and composition. With this educational background, Randall McClure has been able to engage in a fruitful and enjoyable teaching career. Randall McClure has become a name to know in education and faculty development. He looks forward to continuing his education through work and collaboration with others.