Releases New Innovative Way To Help Others In Tough Economic Times

When an IMCloud member answers a question from someone seeking help it will add the members chosen charity ads to the generated web page. This helps drive traffic to charities and help people in need of an answer. IMCloud indexes answers in its search engine.

Online PR News – 09-April-2012 – Raleigh, NC – In tough times charities struggle with raising funds. Advertisement is usually the first causality which drives down the funds even further causing a vicious cycle. IMCloud has come up with a solution to help with charity advertisement. When a member answers a question their chosen charity ad is put on the generated web page. Essentially, it is double the goodness, first members are helping people by answering questions and second they are driving traffic to their chosen charity.

IMCloud works as a search engine indexing member responses. When users ask a question it will return members answers if there are any. At the sametime, IMCloud also promotes members responses in other search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This maximizes the chances for charity ads to be seen.

Each response given by a member creates a new web page. The web pages have integrated social site toolbars which allows other to quickly share. They also allow for responses to member answers. This allows for the answer to grow in content and provide discussion for different perspectives.

There is also a chat service for users looking for immediate responses. With a user gesture an asked question can be pinged to logged in members. Once a member has answered a user question the chat can be edited and published. The published chat will also include the charity ads.

All publications can be grouped together so others can follow their favorite member’s answers. They can send members questions directly via IMCloud mail or request a chat time. These social features helps promote the member and their cause in a concentrated manor.

IMCloud has selected an initial set of top rated charities that can be selected when creating an account. For example: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Food for the poor, Unicef, ASPCA, Susan G Komen Race for the Cure …They will continue to add more over time and on request. IMCloud does not charge charities for advertisement or association with their website.

IMCloud is focused on creating social tools aimed to increase productivity and efficiency for end users. It strives to make a difference in the world using innovative solutions for common problems.

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