Deployment of CRYPTO-MAS supports PCI compliance for Specsavers

Specsavers has expanded deployment of its CRYPTO-MAS solution after two highly successful years using the system

Online PR News – 17-February-2010 – – In a resounding vote of confidence for CRYPTOCard (, Specsavers has expanded deployment of its CRYPTO-MAS solution after two highly successful years using the system. Not only has the solution provided proven cost savings, but the CRYPTOCard tokens have also performed at record levels: not a single token has failed during the 24-month period.

Specsavers originally challenged CRYPTOCard to provide a secure, scalable data protection strategy for its growing number of remote users. The company’s requirement for remote sharing of sensitive patient data meant that the solution had to meet stringent PCI compliance requirements. Flexibility was crucial, to accommodate different working practices and technical abilities. Finally, the solution had to be simple and cost-effective to run.

CRYPTO-MAS, the cloud-based two-factor authentication service from CRYPTOCard, met all of these requirements and more. During the first two years of implementation, Specsavers has been highly satisfied with the service’s capacity to provide on-demand authentication tokens to global users through its unique tiered user-group structure. By creating groups within the CRYPTO-MAS management portal to represent each location, Specsavers can allow local offices to instantly allocate and retract tokens as required, reducing the burden on the company’s central IT department. CRYPTOCard is the only vendor with this level of functionality.

The CRYPTO-MAS solution won the approval of Specsavers management following its release to an initial group of 700 users. Mobile and remote users were immediately able to connect securely to the company’s resources and applications. “CRYPTO-MAS has brought several benefits to Specsavers,” says Angus Dorey, IT Security Manager for Specsavers. “The tiered user groups have allowed us to implement and manage two-factor authentication globally, and delegate administration. The technology offers us the highest level of security on the market. Feedback from our offices and end users has been really positive.”

The cost-effectiveness of the system is another major plus point for Specsavers. “We have been using CRYPTO-MAS for over two years now, and have yet to replace a single token,” says Dorey. “There are obvious cost and resource savings for us when using reliable long-life tokens and we are already seeing those benefits.”

These factors gave CRYPTOCard a clear cost advantage over a previous system Specsavers used, which relied on hard tokens that wore out quickly. The simple annual CRYPTO-MAS subscription fee, which includes the service’s software components and applications, has further lowered TCO for the company.

Specsavers has been using a mix of token formats, with hard, soft and SMS tokens available for various end user needs. The tokens, combined with a unique PIN code, deliver a highly secure one-time password (OTP), which can include letters, numbers and characters.

The flexibility of the CRYPTO-MAS system has worked well for Specsavers and it is just what the optician needs going forward. In the quarter century since it was founded in 1984, the company has expanded from two offices to more than 1,300 branches with 26,000 staff across Europe and Australasia. With CRYPTOCard, this growing organisation is secure in the knowledge that data protection is taken care of, both simply and securely.

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Product overview
CRYPTO-MAS is the award winning cloud-based authentication service from CRYPTOCard.

Based on CRYPTOCard’s industry leading two-factor authentication technology, CRYPTO-MAS delivers Passwords as a Service, with unrivalled flexibility and service levels, no up-front investment and affordable monthly user-based costs. CRYPTO-MAS now makes IT security accessible to organisations of all sizes, from 10 to 1 million users.

About CRYPTOCard
At CRYPTOCard, we're all about making sure that if somebody logs into our client’s network, it's somebody they know and trust. After all, what's the value of the rest of the security investment if it can be circumvented by a shared, stolen, hacked or recycled password?

So whether our customers choose to protect their networks against unauthorised logons by installing BlackShield ID in-house, opt instead for the "no infrastructure" simplicity of our CRYPTO-MAS managed authentication service, or use our developer SDKs to embed strong authentication in custom applications, they find our solutions are ahead of the pack with features that:

Reduce administration by automating provisioning tasks
Let the user mix and match from the widest choice of token and tokenless solutions
Provide greater security policy control and flexibility
Optimize and simplify the logon experience
Put real-time information and granular reporting at the user’s fingertips
Demonstrate a superb return on investment
Finally, we believe that all businesses, regardless of industry, size or technical resources, should be able to protect their on-line assets and the people with whom they share an on-line relationship. Whether it’s for a small business, a large corporation or a service provider, we’ve got the right size in stock.

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